Friday, October 24, 2014

 TOYS Nendoroid Date A Live II Tokisaki Kurumi - Import Preorder $42.90

Product Synopsis
    The spirit known as the 'Nightmare', who wears the Astral Dress 'Elohim'. From the popular light novel and anime series 'Date A Live II' comes the third Nendoroid from the series - Kurumi Tokisaki wearing her Goth-Loli Astral Dress!

    She comes with three expressions including a mysterious sidelong glance, a condescending expression as well as a maddened expression showing off her fearless disposition. Optional parts include both Zafkiel's musket and pistol, allowing you to pose her in the various poses she took while firing shots from them! Enjoy the adorable madness of Kurumi in Nendoroid size!

    Preorders are welcome to ship in February 2015.

 Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
 Dimension: H10cm (3.93")
 Material: ABS & ATBC-PVC
 Japanese Title: ねんどろいど デート・ア・ライブII 時崎狂三
 Product Code: 4571368445407
 Territory / Language: Japan

TOYS Muv-Luv Alternative Schwarzesmarken Irisdina Bernhard - New Import $98.90

Product Synopsis
   Captain Irisdina Berhard of the Schwarzesmarken (Black Marks) visual novel is sculpted into a 1/7 scale bikini figure which measures 13cm or 5.11" tall. Preorders ship in April 2015.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Dimension: H13cm (5.11") x L13cm (5.11")
Material: PVC
Jan Code: 4934054783267 / PP551
Japanese Title: シュヴァルツェスマーケン 1/7 アイリスディーナ 塗装済み完成品
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOY Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Fat Chocobo - New Import, In Stock $86.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Square Enix presents a chubby Chocobo plush toy from the 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call game which measures a portly 27 cm x 31 cm x 43 cm (10.62 x 12.20 x 16.92") in dimension. The plush sports a rotund body upon which a squinty-eyed head sits. We think the Chocobo's about to go to sleep after consuming a generous portion of Gysahl Greens.

    This item ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST.

 Product Specs
Manufacturer: Square Enix
 Jan Code: 4988601322010
 Japanese Title: シアトリズム ファイナルファンタジー カーテンコール ぬいぐるみ でぶチョコボ
 Territory/Language: Japan

 SS Sky Target - Sale $29.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 25, 1997
«©NCSX» Take control of an F-15 and blast squadrons of enemies and end-level bosses from the skies. Plays similarly to the old school shooter Afterburner.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST. Brand new inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specifications
Publisher: Sega
JAN Code:4974365091033 / GS-9103
Japanese Title: セガサターン スカイターゲット

 GBA Narikiri Jockey Game Yuushun Rhapsody - Sale $19.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 29, 2001

The "Sport of Kings" attracts proponents and purveyors from all levels of society. Join those lovers of all things equine by becoming a virtual horseman who works on a ranch located upon a tranquil hillock. The master of the ranch raises horses, breeds them and his hired hands soothe their harried spirits when occasion calls. Searching out strong bloodlines for birth forth new generations of champions is also requisite.
   The reward for giving all this love sits in the specious world of horse racing where victory is never assured and dreams run in fleeting slivers of seconds. Contribute to the success of the ranch by improving your skills via mini-games and by riding horses with skill in races. The beginning of the game requires a short trial where the player races a horse across the length of a track to prove his worth.
   Horse racing games satisfy a very small niche in America, marking their turf firmly in Japan but there is an audience of sorts for this type of game. Yushun Rhapsody supports the Mobile Adaptor for linking with ethereal players to race steeds over the wireless spectrum. 
   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory boxed inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specs
Publisher: Capcom
Japanese Title: なりきりジョッキーゲーム 優駿ラプソディー♪

Territory/Language: Japanese
Jan Code:: 4976219535342 / AGB-P-AYRJ

 HOME Final Fantasy Sabotender Clear Cup - Sale US$15.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 25, 2010
«©NCSX» Liven up a drink with one of three Final Fantasy Clear Cups from Square Enix. The drink won't taste any different but the colorful artwork of a Moogle, Chocobo, or Sabotender will liven things up. Don't ask how or why. Just know that they do. Each cup measures W80 x D80 x H155mm in dimension and holds roughly 8 ounces of juice, water, or other liquid refreshment. Please note that the cups are made of shatter-resistant plastic that's durable and resilient against the rigors of daily use.

   The bottom of each cup is weighted for stability and the imprints of Moogle, Chocobo, and Sabotender provide something to stare at when drinking hard liquor and spirits.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST. Brand new inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Japanese Title:
FINAL FANTASY マスコットクリアコップ サボテンダー
Territory/Language: Japan
Jan Code: 4988601313933