Friday, April 29, 2016

Gigantic Series Mega Man Zero

Product Synopsis
The dashing hero dubbed "Zero" from the Mega Man (Rockman) series of games gets his Gigantic toy turn in X-Plus' upcoming rendition of the platform action hero. Zero measures 33cm or 12.99" in height and is armed with a sword prop.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2016.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: X-Plus
 Dimension: H33cm (12.99")
 Material: PVC, ABS
 Product SKU: 4532149400435
 Japanese Title: ギガンティックシリーズ『ロックマンZ』ゼロ
 Territory/Language: Japan

 PS2 Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 - Import Sale US$49.90/each

NCS Product Synopsis
The kouma (demons) from the first two Sakura Taisen games resurface in America and its up to a new heroine named Gemini Sunrise and her trusty steed Rally to roust them out. Taking place in the wild west of America circa 1927, Gemini relies only on a sword known as Red Sun and a pistol to do her work. Steam punks are nowhere to be least until the secret Sakura characters are unlocked. Gemini makes her way from the west coast to the east, completing missions and objectives in each city that she chances upon. 
   Control Gemini in full-blown 3-D action where the crimson-maned heroine rides in real time and slashes and shoots as any member of the Hanagumi is apt to do. A new masked villain named Patrick Hamilton in league with the demons provides intrigue and drama along with a new affable cast of characters. Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 serves as a prequel to next year's Sakura Taisen V which follows the traditional Sakura formula. 
   To whet appetites for the upcoming Sakura V, a region 2 preview DVD is included inside every copy of Episode 0.

Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Sega
Product SKU: 4974365830649

Japanese Title: サクラ大戦V EPISODE0 荒野のサムライ娘
Date of Release: September 22, 2004
Territory/Language: Japan