Thursday, June 21, 2007

FolksSoul Monster Kingdom

From the Publisher

Developed by Tokyo’s Game Republic under legendary game creator Yoshiki Okamoto, executive producer for Onimusha, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, Folklore is a unique, dark fantasy adventure inspired by western fairy tales and built to showcase the power of PS3. Set in the mysterious town of Lemrick, two strangers, Keats and Ellen, are drawn together to uncover a mysterious legend in a remote village that exists on the border between dreams and reality. They soon learn that the town serves as a gateway to fantastic realms, full of creatures, spirits and monsters. In order to solve the mystery of the town, and their past, the pair must journey through these worlds to uncover its secrets.
Despite being a realist, Keats unhappily finds himself a journalist for a third rate occult magazine. One day Keats receives a phone call from a woman asking for his help. Through the static Keats hears the word “Lemrick.” Sensing something wrong, Keats rushes to the village

Fuun Super Combo

«©NCS» It's been over a decade since Savage Reign aka Fuun Mokushiroku and Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle aka Fuun Super Tag Battle gobbled up credits in arcades across Japan. While neither game was particularly memorable or unique, Kizuna Encounter has the distinction of being a very rare and thus very expensive Neo Geo home cartridge. As we rush towards the second half of 2007, Playstation gamers get to completely own both games for a middling US$39.

In Savage Reign, a hulking bruiser named Shishioh announces the Battle of the Beast God Tournament where he throws out a televised challenge to the greatest fighters in the world. From all corners of the planet, a motley assortment of nine combatants converge on Shishioh in respective bids to win untold wealth and fame.
Kizuna Encounter takes place after the events of Savage Reign where Shishioh announces another Battle of the Beast God Tournament. In the first challenge, Shioshioh was soundly defeated by the boomerang-wielding Hayate. In the new contest, Shioshioh mandates that the fighters battle in teams of two - thus the "Tag Battle" distinction in the game title. «more»

Last Blade 1 + 2 [The Best]

©NCS» Four mighty guardians preside over the gates of hell and watch it intently to ensure the seal is never broken. When one of the guardians named Kagami tires of protecting the peace, he endeavors to open the gate and wield the power within for himself. That won't do. The other guardians pursue him and a host of warriors are drawn into the fray to stop the gates of hell from being thrown ajar.

Kaede, Yuki, and Moriya return to the gaming fold in a collection which contains the two Last Blade games which were originally released on the Neo Geo. The conversion quality is admirable for the PS2 but one can't expect a 1:1 Neo Geo port. The source code ran on a few hundred megabits of direct access ROM while the PS2 spools data into the system by way of DVD. Concessions have to be made (see NCS Game Notes below).

Along with the solid action and responsive controls, a special online mode allows gamers to challenge fellow fighters connected to the internet. For newbies, Last Blade is a 2D fighting game where samurai and fighters engage in one-on-one sword clanging action.

Japanese Import Schedule Updated

The full Japanese import schedule may be viewed here. The Wii Shin Chuuka Taisen release is an update of an olden horizontal shooter which translates into Cloud Master.
Nintendo DS
8/9 DS Origami TDK Core

I Love Dolphin Starfish
8/23 Bikkuriman Daijiten 3 O Clock

Ecolis Interchannel
Playstation 2
8/30 Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD Konami

Chanter # Kimi no Uta ga Todoitara Interchannel

Gintama Gin-San to Issho! Namco

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Dream Hyper Battle Marvelous

Tsuika AS+ Eternal Name Sweets

Tsuika AS+ Eternal Name Limited Edition Sweets
8/2 Shin Chuuka Taisen Michael to Meimei no Bouken Starfish