Thursday, February 14, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden: Dairansen! + Bonus Cloth - New

An older, wiser, and taller Naruto continues his adventures in the Naruto Shippuuden animated series where the blonde ninja continues his bid to save Sasuke from the influence of Orochimaru. The new Naruto Shippuuden game follows the general storyline of the animation with an action-packed 3D thriller where Naruto uses his skills to beat back the members of the Akatsuki as well as low-level henchmen of no repute. Naruto doesn't fight by his lonesome however and can call upon two friends and helpers for tactical support during the different stages. In addition to the main game mode, a 4-player wireless communication mode may be enjoyed where all of the combatants engage in ninja fisticuffs.

Digimon Championship - New Import, In Stock

Like a presidential election that swoops in every four years, the Digimon Championship takes place with tempered regularity. The greatest Digital Monsters gather together for a fighting tournament where the beasts attack and strategize against each other to determine primacy. As Digimon Championship starts, it's been four years since the last tournament and the time has come for another battle royale. Players get to capture monsters and create Digimon teams from a pool of 200 Digimon which vary in strength, power, and special abilities. To capture Digimon, players may set traps with a little bait to lure the monsters and snag them. Per previous Digimon games, creatures may evolve, level up and become mighty to enhance their battlefield performance.

Hokuto no Ken: Hokuto Shinken Denshousha + Bonus Toy

Kenshiro Kasumi is a bare-chested bruiser who roams the wastelands of the future in search of evil-doers. Kenshiro can be considered a law man even though he's not officially sanctioned as such. The latest Hokuto no Ken game for the NDS isn't a pachinko sim but rather an interactive comic book where fighting is performed by tapping the stylus on the touch screen when prompted. A total of 22 chapters follow Ken's trials and tribulations as he tries to establish a little law and order in dystopia. The stories are told through manga panels which are imbued with animation and sound effects. When interaction sequences arrive, players are instructed to perform sliding motions, tapping action, or other touch pen tactics to navigate through the simple onscreen challenges.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season - New, In Stock

Dating sims are traditionally targeted at the male population. However, girls need love too and Konami addresses the shortage of girl dating games by releasing a second Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side. The heroine in GS2 attends Habataki High School and is attracted to the boys at school. In particular, there are 10 males with chiseled features, feathery hair, and fit bodies that have caught her eye. The lead boy is a white-haired lad named Teru Saeki followed by a green-haired guy with glasses named Itaru Hikami. There's red headed rocker Kounoshin Hariya, a dark Kenshiro look-alike named Katsumi Shiba, and a girl look-alike named Christopher Weatherfield who wears his blonde hair long and braids some of it with ribbons. «NCS Game Notes»

Poison Pink + Bonus Visual Book - New Import, In Stock

Flight-Plan's Poison Pink strategy-RPG for the Playstation 2 borrows ideas from the famous MegaTen series. The game features a demon collection system where monsters are defeated and then inducted into your party. At the proper outset of the game, one of three heroes may be selected - a girl named Tage, a knight known as Orifen, and a priestess named Hersh who are all accompanied by their respective partners.

As the intro to the game explains, a leader of knights named Orifen is set to be wed to Princess Runarshe of the Saint Baldamian empire. However, on the day of their marriage, she disappears. At the same time, a hellish stone structure known as Besek appears at the outskirts of the kingdom. It's suspected that the Princess has been spirited away by demons so Orifen lurks into Besek "The Hell Prison" in an effort to rescue his betrothed. The King of Saint Baldamian also invites others to investigate Besek and perhaps discover the mysteries within. Along with Orifen, a magic user named Tage and her pet wolf answer the call as well as a cleric named Hersh who's been sent by the Church to spelunk the depths of Besek.
All preorders for Poison Pink will ship with an Official Visual Book which features character artwork and illustrations. «NCS Game Notes»

dogstation with USB Microphone Bundle - Clearance

Two years before Nintendo unleashed Nintendogs on the gaming public, Konami tested the virtual canine waters with a little game dubbed dogstation. As the owner of a new pooch, the player is presented with the task of training and guiding the dog through the use of vocal commands. For that purposes, a microphone is bundled with the game for issuing Japanese commands such as "osuwari (sit)," "matte (stay)," "sanpo (walk)," "oazuke (stop)," and other verbal instructions. If the dog does something that's not proper, you can bellow out "dame! (no!)" to try and halt the animal's mischievous antics. We tried to yell out "O-te!" but it didn't work. The command "O-te!" is what you say when you want a Japanese-language-trained dog to lift its paw and shake hands with you as it grins and pants up a storm with its gnarly tongue.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per copy of dogstation is set at US$35.90 which includes shipping by Media Mail within the USA.
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