Tuesday, November 29, 2022

TOYS Pullip Yume no Kakera -piece of dream- (New, 2023) Preorder $309.98/each

 Product Synopsis 

   "Collaboration with popular illustrator Horagchikayo is now available for the first time!

   The world view with the motif of the illustration of "Fragments of Dreams Falling Like Rain" drawn by Horag Chikayo is a must-see! The lace and flower patterns on the eyelids are also beautifully designed using illustrations drawn by Horag Chikayo, giving an elegant impression to sleep.

   The cheeks on the cheeks are the first Pullip with lame, and when exposed to light, they glitter, as if they are bathed in the light of the moon... In the lace overskirt that overlaps with the image of the depth of Horag Chikayo's illustration, a butterfly that jumps out of the illustration gently rests its wings. The headdress and skirt are made of fabric printed with the illustration of "Fragments of Dreams Falling Like Rain", so you can enjoy the world of Holaguchikayo to your heart's content!

   You can't take your eyes off the beautiful rear appearance of the cute bustle-like parts of the tiered made of abundantly layered tulle fabric and the bright roses at the feet! Please welcome "YUME no KAKERA -piece of dream-" and enjoy ♪ a beautiful time together.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2023. 

Material: Body: ABS, HIPS, POM, TPR / Clothes: Cotton, etc.
Dimension: H31cm (12.20")
Japanese Title: Pullip ユメノカケラ(YUME no KAKERA -piece of dream-)
JAN Code:
4560373833064 / P-306

SALE Pokemon Sun and Moon G.G.P. Nassy (Alolan Exeggutor) Toy Figure (2018) $189.98/each

 Sale Synopsis Update November 29, 2022

    Damaged Pokemon Nassy statue which was originally released in Japan by Bandai back in 2018. Please view the video for the damage incurred on the statue over the course of the past four years. Due to the size and weight of this product, this item is for local pickup in New York City only.
 Product Synopsis
 Original Update: August 8, 2017
Bandai has opened preorders for a Pokemon G.G.P. (Great Giant Pokémon) Nassy aka Alolan Exeggutor toy figure which measures 109cm or 42.91" tall when assembled. The figure is made of PVC and ABS and would serve as an imposing piece of decor that diverges from the staid wares at Walmart.
 Product Specs
Manufacturer: Bandai
 Material: PVC, ABS, PP
 Dimension: H109cm (42.91")
 Product SKU: 1000117088
 Japanese Title: G.G.P.ナッシー(アローラのすがた)
 Territory/Language: Japan