Monday, June 30, 2008

Initial D Extreme Stage + Bonus Strap - New, In Stock

The Asian release of Initial D Extreme Stage for the PS3 was released early on Saturday and the game is in stock and shipping today. Please note the Japanese version of the game is currently scheduled to arrive tomorrow since we were able to get it shipped earlier than usual. There's a holiday on Friday so we'll be able to fill everyone's preorder a little earlier. If you don't mind the Asian release of the game, we can ship today. Please note the following differences for the Asian version:

Includes an English manual instead of a Japanese manual.
The online functionality and game modes are disabled.
The price is US$63.90 as opposed to US$73.90 for the Japan version. Every copy of the Asian edition also includes a bonus Trueno cellphone strap that we'll ship to all orders in 1:1 ratio. Thanks.
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Crisis Core Final Fantasy PSP Bundle - New, In Stock

In September of 2007, NCS and sellers in Nihon stocked the Japanese version of the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core PSP bundle. It's possible that European gamers looked on with envy and cried for equality because something like that would never be released in Europe. Nine months later and against all odds, equality's late but it's here.

The European Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core PSP bundle includes the following two items:

» Silver Slim & Lite
Playstation Portable
» A copy of the European edition of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Sadly, there's no Buster Sword strap and the PSP isn't serially numbered. Please note that the PSP is a European model and is packaged with a 240V power adapter which is unusable in the USA unless a 120V-240V converter is used. Since we don't want anyone to blow up their PSPs or set the dog on fire, a carefully worded warning will be included with every order regarding the 240V AC adapter.
A 100V-120V AC adapter may be used to recharge the European PSP since the units are multi-voltage.

All preorders have shipped as of last Friday and new orders are welcome. Pricing is set at US$329. Please note our shipment of the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Special Edition game is expected to arrive in a few days and all preorders will ship once they're in stock.
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Oneechan Bara Vortex: Aya Orchid Seed Ver. - Preorder

What do you call a warrior-woman with zero fashion sense, a back tat, and a pair of swords that gets clotted with blood whenever she goes out?

Over the years, we've known her as Aya but we've lovingly nicknamed her "The Zombie Butcher" in the NCS offices. As in, "Oh look, the Zombie Butcher is back in another toy."

Orchid Seed takes a stab at sculpting Aya in 1/7 scale and the final results look okay. The Butcher's pose isn't as dynamic as we'd like but maybe she's just sizing up her undead opponents somewhere in the distance and planning her attack. Preorders for the newly announced Aya will ship in October 2008 at JPY7800 or US$79.90 from NCS.

Soul Calibur III 1/6 Scale Ivy Figure - Preorder

Isabella Valentine aka Ivy is a Soul Calibur stalwart who's been part of the series since the first SC game. We never use her when playing Calibur since we tend to prefer brawlers like Mitsurugi or Siegfried. One thing Ivy does have over Mitsurugi or Siegfriend is her draw when she's made available as a 1/6 scale figure later this year.

Enterbrain's ebCraft label is producing the figure under the direction of Eiji Nakayama. Ivy is sculpted of ABS and PVC but her shiny Saint-Seiya-esque armor is crafted from brass. The weapon in Ivy's right hand winds around her like a prehensile tail and ends with a sharp point at the tip.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2008 at JPY12,000 per figure or US$128.90 from NCS.

USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Mon-Tues

The USA releases of Guitar Hero Aerosmith were actually released early (last week) but we're listing them today since this week is the official date.
NDS Trauma Center Under the Knife 2 Atlus
PS2 Guitar Hero Aerosmith Activision
PS3 Guitar Hero Aerosmith Activision
Wii Guitar Hero Aerosmith Activision
X360 Guitar Hero Aerosmith Activision

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Wed-Thurs


DS Vision Starter Kit 512 MB


Nanashi no Game SquarEnix

Owarai Zunou Battle: Nobunaga no Yabou


PS2 L no Kisetsu 2: Invisible Memories 5pb

L no Kisetsu 2: Invisible Memories Limited Edition



Initial D: Extreme Stage - JPN Version tomorrow


Ninja Gaiden Sigma - The Best



Bleach: Heat the Soul 4 - The Best

Arrivals on Wed-Thurs

Import Nintendo DS Price Changes - Clearance

A number of Japanese Nintendo DS games have been discounted. It pains us to pummel Luminous Arc 2 that low but we have a lot of 'em.

Contact $25.90
Cooking Mama 2 $23.90
Doraemon $22.90
Dungeon Explorer $25.90
Rainbow Islands $25.90
Rockman ZX $22.90
Luminous Arc 2 Will $29.90
Guru Guru Nagetto $22.90