Thursday, January 10, 2013

 GEAR Animal Crossing: New Leaf Card Holder - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
  Japanese toy manufacturer Sanei has started preorders for a pair of Animal Crossing: New Leaf card holders which accept an identification card, a library card, or similar card in a transparent pocket. The two variants are:

 1) Tom Nook aka Tanukichi Card Holder with keychain and leaf accessory
 2) K.K. Slider aka Totakeke Card Holder with keychain and guitar accessory

    Each holder measures 14cm or 5.51" in diameter. Preorders are welcome to ship in late February 2013 at JPY1200 or US$16.90 from NCS. 

 Jan Code: 4905330102430, 4905330102423

PS3 Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition - European Import Sale US$76.90

Publisher's Product Synopsis
   Dead Or Alive 5 marries the signature fighting style of the popular Dead Or Alive series with stunning new graphics, new online features, and new martial arts techniques to create a strong new direction for the franchise.

   In Dead Or Alive 5 players will once again take on the roles of the cast of Dead Or Alive fighters in an intense, action-packed brawler set in visually striking locations from around the world. The famed Dead Or Alive hand-to-hand combat returns, supported by completely new 3D stages that update the series' characteristic style with a fresh look and feel.

   Dead Or Alive 5 stages are more than spectacular visual backdrops, instead playing to a fighter's strengths. As a fight progresses, the backdrop will change and interact with players. Skilled fighters will be able to utilize these dynamic stages to pit their opponents against fresh obstacles to create a new fighting experience. This fusion of combat and dynamically changing backdrops is a formula for the evolution of fighting games as "Fighting Entertainment".

Dead Or Alive 5: Collector's Edition Contents
  • Dead Or Alive 5 game
  • High-quality embossed metal game case
  • Set of premium swimsuits for the full cast of playable female characters
  • Exclusive hardcover art book detailing the game's rich imagery
  • CD soundtrack
  • Full-colour poster of the DOA5 cast
  •    Please note that orders will be processed in about two weeks, pending transit and normal clearance.

    Ean Code: 5060073309290