Tuesday, March 02, 2010

TOYS Monster Hunter Arm Rest - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» NCS never knew we needed an Monster Hunter Arm Rest to play video games but Capcom's telling us that we do. Maybe the arm rest will ease the amount of fatigue that's inevitable when players are hacking and slashing like life, liberty, and the pursuit of real estate depended on it. Each arm rest measures L18 x W8 x H6" (L45 x W20 x H15cm) in area and is made of a block of polyurethane which is covered by a decorative polyester covering. Three designs are available for sale: Pugi (shown), Airu, Meraru and Cha Cha, and the sleek and sexy Guild Emblem. Preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.

PS3 Demon's Souls (PS3 the Best) - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Man was given a soul on the first day. On the second day however, a "soul devouring demon" was also saddled upon the Earth. For a long time, the demon lay dormant but when the King of Voletaria meddles with arcane arts, he wakes the big galoot known as "The Old One" up. A demonic devourer of souls now walks the land of Voletaria and its minions have overrun the kingdom. Many heroes have tried to stem the rapacious tide to no avail but your day has come. Fasten the shiny armor, take up the sword, and trudge forward into an unfriendly land where demons, animated skeletons, and soulless villagers attack. The hero of Demon's Souls is also equipped with a shield which blunts oncoming blows and glances away projectiles such as whizzing arrows from demonic archers. Crowds of demons occasionally beset the protagonist like a gang which should ignite the button-mashing instinct in all gamers.
The Playstation 3 The Best re-release of Demon's Souls contains the same game as the original release at a lower price point.

PS3 Hakuna Matata (PS3 the Best) - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A week-long safari in Africa will set you back about US$5000 this year for a single person. Rates are going up to US$6000+ next year because... everything else is going up. NCS recommends Tanzania but we hear Kenya also offers a prime viewing experience. By going on a safari, travelers get to check out how the animals live in the wild and experience nature in all of its raw primal glory. By primal, we mean lions chasing down zebras, buffalo grazing in groups, and elephants trudging around with steadfast determination. Then there are the cheetahs that hang out in the trees while waiting for the sun to stop beating down on their backs and baby baboons playing in the brush with nary a care in the world.

A safari is a sizable investment in both time and resources. Not everyone can go out like that. For the next best thing to being there, Sony presents Afrika which is basically a safari simulator. Drive out on a jeep or take to the air in a hot-air balloon to view the mighty expanse of Africa and all of its furry denizens in the wild. Instead of behind bars in a prison zoo.

MAG Famitsu Wave DVD [April 2010] - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The April 2009 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD includes print and video coverage of the following games and/or events in the Japanese market:

» Meet the cast and weapons from PSP Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
» Bomberman was/is a classic so Famitsu issues a staff challenge
» Check out Peggle and Trials HD on Xbox Live Arcade
» This month's "Game Camp" feature relives Rockman 10
» Konami's Quiz Magic Academy games are checked out
» Photo feature on gravure model Rika Kawamura
» Famitsu visits the International Model and Toys Super Festival
» If you suck at Makaimura (Ghosts 'n Goblins), you have to strip

The preview on the back of the magazine exposes Dead or Alive Paradise as next month's special feature article. Please note the April 2010 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD only contains 1 DVD as opposed to the double DVD sets from previous months.

TOYS To Heart 2 Tamaki Kousaka Panic! - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In Kotobukiya's upcoming To Heart 2 toy, Tamaki's at the beach but a mishap has occurred where the strap on back of her bra has snapped. If time was fast-forwarded approximately 5 seconds, Tamaki's "girls" would be as unfettered and free as a pair of rubber duckies bobbing in a restless pond. Tamaki shows her embarrassment with a pair of rosy cheeks (uh, the ones on her face) and Miss Kousaka's arms are flailing in what appears to be desperation or perhaps exasperation.

The Tamaki Kousaka Panic! figure is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures approximately 21cm (8.26") tall in her kneeling position. The construction material is PVC which is painted with fairly accurate flesh tones. Although the bra hangs on for dear life, it is removable. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2010 at JPY8000 or US$90.90 from NCS.

TOYS Dolce Couture Gelee and Mousse - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The march towards miniaturization has consumed the Japanese for a generation. From electronics to cars, the credo of "smaller is better" has also made its way to toys and replicas of everyday objects. In Bandai's Dolce Couture Gelee and Mousse gashapon product, the company tackles the task of making desserts into PVC miniatures as follows:

Framboise Mousse - Sweet foamy raspberry concoction
Muscat Mousse - Tasty grape refreshment for refined tastes
Coffee Gelee - Rich and somewhat bitter caffeinated gelatin
Orange Gelee - A distinct and flavorful citrus gelatin treat
Chocolat Parfait - Chocolate custard topped with whipped cream
Tropical Parfait - Mango and pineapple flavored perfection

A little loop and nameplate is attached to each dessert. Preorders ship in June 2010 at JPY1200 or US$16.90 for the complete set of six.

NEWS General Updates

TOYS Kubrick Star Wars DX Series 1 - Update
Distributors in Japan have begun accepting reservations for the Kubrick Star Wars DX Series 1 toys which are scheduled to ship on June 20, 2010. Pricing is set at JPY15,360 per factory case of 12 figures which is about US$172 based on this morning's JPY/USD exchange rate. NCS will post a preorder offer tomorrow morning after figuring out the import costs.
SWAG Oboro Muramasa Art Poster
We've decided to import the Oboro Muramasa bonus art poster that was offered by a Japanese vendor a couple of weeks ago. A photo gallery and formal shop listing will be posted when they arrive.