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 TOYS Revoltech Nightmare Before Christmas Sally [Preorder, 2024] US$90.98

 Product Synopsis

Update: March 07, 2024
   Sally, the patchwork doll that adores Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," finally joins the "Revoltech" action-figure lineup from Kaiyodo! Her patchwork body and lovely figure are carefully sculpted, and her characteristic dress is also faithfully reproduced; the hem of her skirt has a gimmick that allows it to move backward and forward, so it's easy to pose her in a graceful sitting position.

   Sally comes with a total of five interchangeable faces, with interchangeable eyes! She also comes with plenty of accessories from the film, such as Zero (whose neck and ears move, and his mouth opens and closes), a display base for the nameless tombstone, and a flower. The tombstone features storage for her accessories. You can also remove her joints to reproduce the scene where her limbs fall off! Order her for your own collection today!

Set Contents
Main figure
Interchangeable faces (x5)
Interchangeable eyes (x2)
Interchangeable hands (x4)
Leaves (x6)
Tombstone (with storage space)
Display stand
Display stand for Zero

Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2024.

Product Specification
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Dimension: H
17.5cm (6.88")
JAN Code: 4537807220400

Japanese Title: リボルテック ナイトメアー・ビフォア・クリスマス サリー
Territory/Language: Japan 

 SALE Heavy Metal Thunder [In Stock, JPN-PS2] US$60.98/each

 NCS Product Synopsis

 Update: September 1, 2005
«©NCSX» In the year 2980, three things still haunt an alternate universe version of Japan: heavy metal music, brightly colored robots, and masses of slavering fans hungry for both vocations. Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh have long faded from the landscape but foot-long robot wrestlers have taken over the mindshare of the populace. Skilled operators control the miniature robots with simple commands in one-on-one battle to throngs of cheering onlookers.
    Holding true to formulaic plot arcs found in other stories, Heavy Metal Thunder follows the trials of an underdog who grows into a world beater but works through self doubt, trepidation, and internal conflict along the way. Players step into the persona of Denki Akihabara (English Name: Wanna Be) who is an aspiring robot wrestling handler. On his 14th birthday, Denki's father gifts him with a top-notch robot. Along with the birthday present, poppy extends an invite to a high-level tournament known as The Titan Battle. There's a catch however - the loser of a Titan Battle loses his robot by way of blasting and is subsequently hanged on route to his/her burial space on an island.
    In Denki's first battle, he notches an impressive victory and catches the attention of a trainer named Yamada who takes him under his wing. As Denki's skills improve with each successive duel, he'll eventually face his own trainer and other acquaintances in the arena.
Robots may be tweaked to enhance performance on the battlefield and Denki will learn new techniques on fighting and anticipating how opponents will strategize. The action in Heavy Metal Thunder is played in flick motion where the player selects a move for the robot to execute and then watches it play out on screen. A robot may be guided to guard against attack, throw out a blow, or wrestle. Special moves known as beats are also available to take down opponents in a button-mashing blaze. A beat meter keeps track of a pool of beat power which fills up as the robot performs various moves. Although the game uses robots as onscreen champions, the controls may be likened to that of an axe wielding musician who manipulates his instrument in a battle against another musician. To complement the parallel, rapid button jamming (strumming) comes into play to send the robot into a fighting frenzy.
Heavy Metal Thunder refers a robot that dominates the battles in the Titan Battle circuit. Unbeknownst to Denki at the outset of the game, Heavy Metal Thunder is owned and operated by his father, a blonde and corpulent top dog in robot wrestling. As the story moves along and new battles are won, Denki's suspicions about his father are aroused and later confirmed. The ultimate goal is to beat poppy at his own game but the journey will span 26 game years as Denki rises through the ranks to eventually face off against his father in the ultimate death match.
    The presentation of the game gives off a circus atmosphere reminiscent of a North American wrestling drama with over the top characters, a cheesy commentator named MC Ono and a Fruit Cup co-host, and other oddball participants. Fruit Cup is literally a walking Fruit Cup. Denki's supporters include classmates Yoko Meguro and Sermon, a mentor named Alice, a seductive temptress known as Layla, and other cheeky individuals.
Although Heavy Metal Thunder shares a title with an album from Japanese metal group Sex Machineguns, the game shares little with the group other than the music featured in the game. Other rockers who contributed tracks include Marty Friedman - lead guitarist of Megadeth, who is currently touring with Aikawa Nanase, Michael Schenker - Guitarist (Scorpions, UFO, MSG, Contraband), Rolly, Garlic Boys, Marcy & Shara, Delta Throb, and many others.
Product Condition
Brand new, factory sealed, Playstation 2 software imported from Japan in 2005. NCS is the original buyer and wholesaler/retailer of this item within the United States. Inventory has been stored in our primary warehouse since purchase. 
Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.
Product Specifications
 Publisher: Square Enix
 Language: Japanese
 Japan Title: 塊魂 ノ・ビ~タ
 Compatibility: Playstation 2 (Japan-Only)
 Jan Code: 4988601004305 / SLPM-66030