Monday, September 15, 2008

Famitsu Wave DVD [Oct 2008] - New Import, In Stock

Cover Date: October 2008 / Cover: Biohazard 5
«©NCSX» The latest Famitsu Wave includes print and video coverage of the following games and/or events in the Japanese marketplace:
» de Blob (Wii)
» Hell's Highway (PS3/X360)
» Idol Master SP (PSP)
» Mirror's Edge (PS3/X360)
» Saint's Row 2 (PS3/X360)
» Sigma Harmonics (NDS)
» Soul Calibur IV (PS3/X360)
» Soul Summoner (iPod)
» Stranglehold (PS3)
» Street Fighter IV (PS3/X360)
» Tatsunoko vs Capcom (AC)
» Thunderforce VI (PS2)
» Monster Hunter plush toys, PVC toy figures, and Memorial DVD Book
» Big feature on Biohazard 5 with character profiles and scenario info

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini 3 - Preorder

The third series of Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini figures culls its cast from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XII. From the left of the photo and moving right, the characters are: Aerith Gainsborough, Balthier, Tidus, Fran, and Rikku. Each figure measures approximately 5cm or 1.96" in height and is fixed pose.

Square Enix is packaging the toys in factory boxes containing 9 figures (5 figures as shown and 4 duplicates). Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2008 at JPY2980 or US$35.90 per box from NCS.

Yoko Ritona Swimming Version - Preorder

In the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann animated series, Yoko dresses in such a manner as to dispel any doubt concerning her gender. Yoko's regulation-issue skirt is short and her top is generally a bikini which ensures visible midriff. In Wave's upcoming "Dreamtech" Yoko Ritona 1/8 Scale Swimming Version Figure, Yoko goes all out in a 2-piece bikini which bares more than her usual day to day outfit.

The figure measures 19cm or 7.48" tall and is constructed from PVC and ABS. Yoko's legs are covered by PVC hosiery which is colored a peach color. An accessory that's included with the figure is Yoko's studded belt which she holds in her right hand. Preorders are welcome to ship mid-late January 2008 at JPY5500 or US$62.90 from NCS.

Nendroid Yoko Ritona - Preorder

Good Smile Company has started preorders for a Yoko Ritona Nendroid figure that shrinks the redheaded warrior into a munchkin with squat legs. If you squint at Yoko, she sort of looks like a fire hydrant with big round eyes. The Nendroid rendition of Yoko measures 10 cm or 3.93" tall and is packaged with a rifle that's taller than its mistress.

Additional accessories included in the Yoko Nendroid package include two extra faces to change her mood and extra hands for special posing purposes. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2009 at JPY3500 or US$36.90 from NCS.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Refrigerator v2.0 - Preorder

Earlier this summer, NCS accepted preorders for an Evangelion refrigerator which was released in July and sold out quickly in Japan. Since the first batch sold so well, the manufacturer has announced another production with new colors and design decals that are affixed on the latch-design-door of the portable appliance.

It's not your dad's fridge but it'll store about 8 bottles of water, a couple of sandwiches, and at least a day's worth of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The Evangelion refrigerator can operate on 100V-120V and may be plugged into a wall or into your vehicle through the included power cables. One unique aspect of the fridge is its ability to serve as a food warmer in addition to a cooler. Simply turn the temperature dial up inside and it'll keep food and drinks warm.

The refrigerator measures 22 x 30 x 27cm (8.66 x 11.81 x 10.62") in area and holds 6 Liters worth of foodstuffs. Please select either the Pink (Rei Ayanami) or Aqua (Asuka Langley) version from the dropdown menu on our shop when placing your preorder. Delivery is scheduled for the end of November at US$179.90. Due to the size and weight of the fridge, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States.

USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Mon-Wed

NDS Dragon Quest IV SquarEnix

Drawn to Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition THQ

Lego Batman: The Video Game TravTales
PS2 Dance Dance Revolution X Konami
PS3 Armored Core For Answer Ubisoft

Lego Batman: The Video Game TravTales

Pure Disney

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed LucasArts
PSP Yggdra Union Atlus
X360 Battle Fantasia Aksys

Armored Core For Answer Ubisoft

Lego Batman: The Video Game TravTales

Pure Disney

Rock Band 2 EA
Wii Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 Konami

Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility [Delayed 09/30] Natsume

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Thurs

NDS Dragon Ball DS Bandai

Yajuu Keiji: Tokyo Douji Tahatsu Tero o Chinatsu Success


Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume Reprise Bandai
PSP Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena Marvelous

Samurai Dou Portable Spike
Wii G1 Jockey Wii 2008


Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 9 Gain Ground - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: February 27, 2004
«©NCSX» On a simple battlefield, a trio of soldiers mount the attack against a group of armed opponents. The bald warrior protagonist wields mere spears, the female throws bombs and shoots from a pistol while the male whips out a rifle. Each weapon has advantages - for example, the spear is capable of arcing over barriers to hit enemies behind them while the firearms have a longer range. The most versatile warrior is probably the lady warrior who is armed with a gun for straight shooting as well as a bomb attack which arcs over barriers to reach enemies who are located above ground, on a platform, or other elevated position.

Sale Offer
NCS' remaining inventory of
Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 9 Gain Ground for the Japanese Playstation 2 is brand new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Price: $19.90 per copy which includes "free shipping" within the U.S. by USPS Media Mail Service. «Larger Photos»