Monday, March 19, 2018

 TOYS Fate/Extella Color Collection - Import Preorder US$58.90/box

Product Synopsis  
   The cast of Fate/Extella find themselves miniaturized and molded into squat renditions in Movic's re-release of the Color Collection this summer. The eight characters featured in the set are:

» Nero Claudius
» Archer
» Tamamo no Mae
» Karna
» Elizabeth Bathory
» Attila
» Archimedes
» Gilgamesh

   Each figure measures approximately 4cm in height and is prepainted for immediate display. This item was originally released in December 2017 but they're being re-issued thanks to popular demand.
Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2018.
The toys are packaged eight per factory box and buyers will receive the complete set.

 Product Specs

 Dimension: H4cm (1.57")
 Material: Pre-painted PVC
Product SKU:
 Japanese Title: Fate/EXTELLA カラコレ 1BOX
Territory/Language: Japan