Friday, June 25, 2021

 TOYS FW Gundam Converge #22 - Preorder $58.98/box

 Product Synopsis

   Mighty Gundam mechs are reduced to half-pint size and given fixed-pose stature in the 22nd edition of the FW Gundam Converge series of miniature toys. A total of seven Gundam mechs are featured in the set with each toy individually boxed with a piece of chewing gum.

One colored model (7 types in total)
1. Gundam (final battle specification)
2. G-3 Gundam
3. RGM-79 GM (Jim)
4. Buster Gundam
5. Zaku II Kai (Fritz Helm specification)
6. Gelgoog J
7. Gelgoog J (Shin Matsunaga dedicated machine)
-- 1 piece chewing gum

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2021 at $58.98 per box of 24 figures. Each figure is individually boxed and includes a piece of chewing gum. Please do not consume the chewing gum after November 2022. If you wish to receive a sealed factory case, please order 6 boxes and we will fill your order accordingly.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Bandai
Material: PVC
Dimension: H5.6cm (2.2")
Japanese Title: FW GUNDAM CONVERGE (ガンダムコンバージ) ♯22
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4549660582908