Monday, June 29, 2020

 TOYS Grow Cactus (Gashapon) Preorder US$20.90

Product Synopsis
   Grow cactus from seed in this collection of four pots, soil, and seeds from Japanese toy manufacturer YELL. The four types of cactus are:

 01) Fan cactus (Opuntioideae)
 02) Pillar cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi)
 03) Round cactus A (Echinocactus Grusonii, Barrel Cactus)
 04) Round cactus B (Echinopsis)

    Target age: 15 years old and over.

 Order Details
Preorders for this gashapon set are welcome to ship in late October 2020.

 Product Specs
Manufacturer: YELL
 Dimension: N/A
 Material: PVC
 Product SKU: 4589469824670
 Japanese Title: カプセル 育てるサボテン-
 Territory/Language: Japan