Thursday, January 11, 2018

 TOYS Tony's Heroine Collection Daisy -Fairy of Hinagiku-  Import Preorder US$139.90

Product Synopsis
   Kotobukiya continues its great partnership with world famous illustrator Tony Taka with the latest addition to the Tony's Heroine Collection. Up next is a new version of Daisy, the first fairy to make her Kotobukiya debut. Daisy is one of Tony's most famous characters, and Yuzo's sculpt expertly depicts the fairy based on an illustration from the 2016 Summer Comiket. This new version reflects Daisy's mature side through her subtle smile and posing from the illustration.

   Despite its large scale, the statue is rendered with a high level of realism that is apparent in the texture of Daisy's intricate clothing, delicate hair, and supple form. Like the other fairies in the Tony's Heroine Collection, Daisy's wings and clothing are made of clear plastic, giving them a diaphanous appearance. At first glance her black hair looks opaque, but the layering of matte paint over clear black plastic gives the individual strands and contours a subtle translucent appearance.
   The statue comes with artificial flowers and a ladybug that you can use to recreate Daisy's appearance in the illustration if your heart desires. *The appearance and color of the flowers or ladybug may change after the first production run.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2018.
Product Specs
: Kotobukiya
Dimension: H14cm (5.51")
Material: PVC, ABS, Polyester
Japanese Title: Tony's ヒロインコレクション 雛菊の妖精 デイジー コトブキヤ

Product SKU: 4934054785025
Territory/Language: Japan