Tuesday, June 13, 2017

 TOYS figma Link: Twilight Princess ver. DX Edition - New Import US$60.90

Product Synopsis  
The hero guided by the Triforce joins the figma series!
A special edition of 'figma Link: Twilight Princess ver.' featuring various additional items!
· Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
· He comes with three face plates including a strong-willed and confident expression, a powerful shouting expression as well as an expression with clenched teeth.
· The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are both included.
· The shield can also be displayed carried on his back, just like in the game.
· The DX Edition includes the Ordon Sword, Hero's Bow and Arrow, Ball and Chain, Hawkeye and the Clawshot.
· The Clawshot comes with both an open and closed claw which can be interchanged to recreate different poses.
· An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

Product Specs

: Good Smile Company
Dimension: H14cm (5.51")
Materials: ABS & PVC  

Product SKU:
Japanese Title:
 figma リンク トワイライトプリンセスver. DXエディション フィギュア 
Territory/Language: Japan


 PS4 Shin Jigen Game Neptune Victory II Realize Memorial Edition - Import Preorder US$98.90

Product Synopsis   
   Reservations are welcome for the regular and 'Memorial Edition' of the upcoming Shin Jigen Game Neptune VIIR Playstation 4 game which follows the adventures of Neptunia, Noir, and cohorts in the
Gamindustri world. The Memorial Edition includes the following items:

» Neptunia scrapbook and memorial sticker set
» Nep-Nep drawstring pouch
» Goddess Candidate CD (Four tracks)
» Premium Weapons Set DLC for the four Goddesses
Preorder Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship
on August 24, 2017.

Product Specs
: Idea Factory / Compile Heart
Product SKU: 4995857095063 / PLJM-16004
Japanese Title:【限】新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVIIR Memorial Edition
Product SKU: 4995857095056 / PLJM-16008
Japanese Title:【通】新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVIIR 通常版
Territory/Language: Japan


 PS4 Shin Yomari - Import Preorder US$68.90

Product Synopsis    

   When miniscule protagonists Yui and Haru find themselves lost in the mountains after a fireworks sightseeing excursion, the two girls get separated inside the confines of a mysterious town and must make their way home.
Preorder Details
   Preorders are welcome to ship on August 24, 2017.

Product Specs
: Nippon Ichi
Product SKU: 4995506002626 / PLJS-36004
Jan Code:【通】深夜廻 通常版
Territory/Language: Japan