Friday, February 29, 2008

Shooting Game Historica SP - New Import, Restock Soon

Following the sales success of the Shooting Game Historica collection in gashapon form, Yujin releases the SP (Second Product) version of the very same toys. The original Historica renditions were packed in plastic capsules but the SP toys are packaged in fanciful boxes that come 12 per factory case. There is one major difference between the two sets however. In addition to the 6 original ships from the first set, the SP edition also includes 3 new color variants. The source games and ships are as follows:

» R-Type featuring R-9A Arrow-Head (original and color variant)
» Image Fight featuring 0F-1 Daedalus (original and color variant)
» Gradius featuring Vic Viper T301 (original color only)
» Gradius 2 featuring Metarion (original and color variant)
» Darius Gaiden featuring Silver Hawk (original and color variant)

Pricing is set at US$45 per factory case of 12 toys. Please note that a partial shipment arrived but we were able to ship most preorders yesterday. The remainder of our stock is scheduled to arrive next week.

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» Original NCS photo gallery for the Shooting Game Historica toys
» Partial sets from the original gashapon version available

Real Action Heroes 359: Old Snake - New Import, In Stock

When we first met Solid Snake nearly 20 years ago, he was a punk kid with some skills but nowhere near the legend he is today. Through the decades, we watched him grow in stature and renown as his escapades were painstakingly chronicled across multiple gaming platforms. If asked to describe noticeable features about Snake, we might conjure up his camouflage suit, the billowing headband, an endless supply of cigarettes, and the stubble. The words "dashing," "unerring," and "loner" might also be thrown into the discussion but we never thought we'd ever used the words, "old guy."

As the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots begins, Snake is an old man. White-haired, wrinkled, and somewhat wobbly, Snake is a shadow of his former self but he's still got skills. Years of training and his innate survival instincts just don't disappear overnight. The years of smoking cigarettes has taken a toll on his lungs however and Snake coughs up a storm. Per usual Medicom convention, the company releases a Real Action Heroes figure for Grandpa Snake which measures 30cm or 11.81" tall. The figure is highly posable for kinetic action postures that only a seasoned warrior can achieve. «Photo Gallery»

Kera Magazine Vol. 114 - Recent Import, In Stock

The Japanese magazine scene is an interesting one, especially if you reside outside of Japan. On the video game side of the periodical trade, Famitsu has been around since the early years and it's pretty much the magazine of record for the Japanese gaming industry at this point. For toy lovers, there's always Hobby Japan to cover all things PVC and ABS. If your interests swell towards the more avant-garde however, you can always find a friend in Kera Magazine.

Kera is a monthly lifestyle and fashion magazine with a strong slant towards bleeding edge Goth-Loli style. We have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Burton of Nightmare Before Christmas fame subscribes to Kera magazine. In this month's issue, readers follow a girl named Uri as she visits different shops such as Sexy Dynamite London Punk and Jimsinn. She gamely clowns for the camera, shows off her shopping discoveries, and makes funny faces. The cover model is featured in a 4-page spread where she dresses up in a Goth-Santa outfit and a Goth-Nurse get-up. Our favorite part of the magazine is the Street Snap section where a roaming photographer takes to the streets and snaps shots of Goth-Loli garbed citizens in all their sub-culture splendor. Very entertaining stuff.

Night Wizard: Denial of the World - New Import, In Stock

Back in 2002, Enterbrain released a table talk RPG titled Night Wizard which plied the dungeon-crawl trade. In 2004, a PC game based on the TRPG was released dubbed Night Wizard Mahou Taisen: The Peace Plan to Save the World. Fast forward to 2007 and the brand made the transition to manga and anime. With momentum building, the franchise jumps to the Playstation 2 with a brand new adventure which features characters from the animated series and utilizes the game system and command structure of the original TRPG.

Renji Hiiragi is a member of an order of Night Wizards who protect the world from those who would plunge it into darkness. Night Wizards have special abilities and are armed with weapons called artifacts which allow them to attack discarnate beings known as Emulators. The Playstation 2 game starts off with a relatively lengthy interactive intro which sets up the characters, their relationships, and the travails that lie before them. The main portion of the game plays like an interactive novel where text is read and choices are selected to proceed further. When a battle pops up, simple combat commands are chosen to beat back enemy forces. «G-Notes»

One Piece Neo-3: Roronoa Zoro - New Import, In Stock

According to our neighbor Timmy, the greatest sword fighter on the planet is a lanky, green-mopped misfit known as Zoro Roronoa. Most swordsmen use a single blade to dispatch their adversaries but that's not how Zoro rolls. No, he's most comfortable when both of his hands are gripping a sword and his teeth are clenched around a third blade. In this manner, Zoro slashes and slices like a dicing machine.

Bandai's One Piece Portrait of Pirates toy series honors Zoro with a re-release of his figure from the original OPOP. Zoro measures 20cm or 8" tall and appears to be unsheathing the sword that's in his hands. Two additional swords are included in the package which may be tethered to his side. A pair of goggle accessories are also packaged inside the box which may be slipped around the swordsman's neck.
«Photo Gallery»

Evangelion Rei & Asuka Beachside Cold Cast - New, In Stock

When Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami visit the beach, they wear two-piece bikinis and crouch thisclose next to each other. The two girls also do their damndest to look fetching so voyeurs can stop, gawk, and leer as voyeurs are apt to do. New Line's Evangelion 1/6 scale Beachside Cold Cast figure was originally released in 2003 but a reproduction is now in stock at JPY21,000 (US$220) for the pair.

Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Figure v1.5 - New, In Stock

In the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the selfsame heroine of the series is a high school student name Haruhi who can alter reality without knowing it. Bandai takes a more direct approach to Haruhi's shifting realities with a special 20cm (7.87") tall figure which changes color depending on the temperature.

When the mercury rises over 30°C or 90°F, Haruhi wears red bunny ears, a red skintight dress, and a red bow to complement her bare legs. However, when the temperature drops below 30°C, Haruhi's ensemble changes color to black and her legs are covered with black hosiery. If Haruhi is caught in a zone with different temperatures, her coloring will change according to the formula listed above. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome. Jan Code: 4543112513779.

Assassin's Creed 10" Altair Vinyl Figure - In Stock

From the Manufacturer
This figure has been created from the original 3D gaming data directly from Ubisoft. Tha accuracy of the figure is amazing and totally authentic. Altair comes complete with all his weapons and packed in a full color window box. Assassin's Creed is the next-gen game developed by Ubisoft Montreal that will redefine the action genre. While other games claim to be next-gen with impressive graphics and physics, Assassin's Creed merges technology, game design, theme, and emotions into a world where you instigate chaos and become a vulnerable, yet powerful, agent of change.

The setting is 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altair, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. You are an Assassin, a warrior shrouded in secrecy and feared for your ruthlessness. Your actions can throw your immediate environment into chaos, and your existence will shape events during this pivotal moment in history.

MegaDrive StormLord Cartridge - Clearance

An English company known as Hewson published a bunch of Commodore 64 games that were either shooters or platformers a couple of decades ago. We recall titles such as Uridium, Cybernoid, Deliverance, and of course StormLord. The game was eventually ported over to the Megadrive in 1992 and to the Amiga computer in 1993.

The year 2008 represents the 16th anniversary since NCS took initial delivery of StormLord for the MegaDrive. Perhaps it's a little sad that the game is still in stock but we're rectifying the situation today. StormLord is a platform action game where players take control of a grizzly Viking who's been charged with the task of liberating fairies from circular capsules. Along the way, an army of enemies seek to stop the Viking's progress.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per copy of Stormload is set at US$12.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail. Inventory is new and from original NCS stock Please note Japanese MegaDrive cartridges will only play on Japanese MegaDrive consoles unless an adapter is used. [Larger photos]

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Soma Bringer - New Import, Restock Soon

The world in Soma Bringer doesn't use crude oil or solar power. It uses Soma which is plentiful, easily harnessed, and is critical to industry in the land of Barnea. However, strange visitors have broken into the world and the equilibrium of Soma has become unhinged. To restore balance to Soma and crush a gang of monsters along the way, a formidable seven-member strike team called the Pharzuph (7th Division) is assembled to venture forth into the world and set things right once again.

Nintendo bought out Monolith (developer of the Xenosaga games) last year and the first game that the recently acquired crew releases is an action-RPG dubbed Soma Bringer which features music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. «NCS Game Notes»

Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet - New Import, In Stock

Join the birds in the sky and embark on an action adventure that follows the journey of a lad who flies across a world primarily covered by water. Billed as a flight simulator without conflict, players fly and commingle with flocks of feathered friends that populate the planet.

In the intro to the game, a damaged spacecraft passes over a blue-tinted planet as it tumbles through space. The ship was meant to dock with a research station on the planet below but it has suffered a catastrophic hull implosion. The spacecraft eventually releases a capsule from an underside hatch which plummets into the planet. After a fiery descent, the capsule projects its landing gear and makes a safe landing. In the next scene, a lad in a protective suit emerges from the capsule and eventually takes to the air with a glider-like contraption. His mission is to locate the research station.

Aerial Planet is the kind of game that requires a dedicated time investment to get the controls down pat. A short tutorial starts the action off which is an invaluable starting point to learn the nuances of how the glider works and wings through the air. «NCS Game Notes»

Hokuto no Ken [The Best] - New Import, In Stock

Originally released for the Atomiswave arcade hardware in 2005, Sega by way of Arc System Works finally unleashes Hokuto no Ken for the home console market. Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, the fighters in Hokuto no Ken live and die by the fist. Kenshiro Kasumi is one such fighter who struts around in leather duds with chest bared and pectorals rippling. Sharing the doomed world with him are gangs of roaming biker gangs and bandits who prey upon an unprotected populace. To get a little law and order back into the mix, Kenshiro battles thugs with his mighty Hokuto Shinken martial arts skills. Ken's encounters in the wastelands of the future invariably end in tears and gore. Lots of chunky red gore as in exploding bodies, projectile blood ejection, and severe organ damage.

Despite the fighting nature of the Hokuto no Ken manga and animation, there's been more video games based on the purely Japanese phenomenon of pachi-slot than fighting. To balance the scales a little bit, Arc System Works of Guilty Gear fame creates a fast-paced 2D fighting game which features 10 brusque and bulging bruisers from Hokuto no Ken. There's the mighty Kenshiro, the conqueror Raoh, his brother Toki, Juda, Thouther, and five more muscle-bound combatants. «Game Notes»

PS2 Night Wizard: Denial of the World LE - New, In Stock

The limited edition of Night Wizard is packaged with two items:

1) Drama CD which features the actors who supplied the voices in the game.

2) A 16cm fixed posed Elis Shiho figure which is painted, assembled, and ready for display. Elis wears her uniform from the animated series.

Simple Wii Series 5: The Block Kuzushi - New, In Stock

After Taito's Arkanoid made its debut in 1986, we recall dozens of clones were released on computers such as the Amiga, Atari ST and C=64. Most of the clones were fed to a crazed fanbase in Europe but savvy importers got a chance to play games such as Giganoid and Impact as well. In 1999, D3 Publisher started making their own Arkanoid clone dubbed Block Kuzushi and the inaugural volume was released under the Simple 1500 Series for the original Playstation. Through the years, Block Kuzushi has been ported over to other major consoles and handhelds. It was only a matter of time before it reached the Wii.

By using both the Nunchuk and the Wiimote, players move the paddle on the bottom of the screen and bat a ball at bricks overhead. A new feature in the Wii version of Block Kuzushi is the "acceleration move" where the Wiimote is whisked upwards just as the ball is about to hit the paddle. The center of the paddle will bulge upwards and hit the ball with extra force so that it zooms through layers of bricks. The effect is temporary and only lasts for about 2 seconds but it's a nifty little power-up that adds an effective attack to the paddle's brick-breaking abilities.
«Game Notes»

Simple Wii Series 6: The Wai Wai Combat - New, In Stock

The gaming genre that we affectionately know as "run and gun" has been around since the early years of the video game trade. One favorite that we remember fondly is Ikari Warriors and another is Commando. As the years passed and technology evolved, gamers were treated to ever more elaborate run and gun games such as Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. D3 Publisher's track record with the genre hasn't been good. Case in point: The Fuhyou from 2006 was an acceptable game but it just wasn't very good. With this in mind, NCS booted up Wai Wai Combat with a tinge of trepidation.

Newsflash: the Wai Wai Combat won't sell any Japanese Wii consoles. It will however cement D3 Publisher's mediocre record in the run and gun category. Players take control of an agent who explores three expansive stages and shoots at the enemies within. A gun is regulation issue equipment but different weapons may be picked up including a hammer, bombs, a laser rifle, and even a bazooka. In the first level of the game, a space station serves as the setting where ten enemies must be blasted away before you're able to proceed to the sea platform. «Game Notes»

Uchi Tsuri Sega Bass Fishing - New Import, In Stock

Get Bass! for the Dreamcast was Sega's first foray into the world of virtual fishing. That was nine years ago. Back then, Sega released a special Dreamcast fishing controller which featured a reel that one spun to bring in the big bass.

Today's successor to Get Bass! also uses a special controller for fishing - the motion sensitive Wiimote which allows fishermen to stand in front of their televisions and reel 'em in with intuitive flicking motions. The game features 40 stages on which to fish such as the marshes, near a dam, in front of a canal, and in an idyllic country setting. Twenty types of lures of different stripes may also be used to attract the bass including one that's shaped like a frog and another which mimics the movement of shrimp. Factors which change in the different stages include terrain, time, temperature, season, and assorted variables in the setting.

For champion-level fishermen, the SBFA tournament mode allows players to test their mettle against ardent rivals who are champions in their own right. Other modes in the game include the default Get Bass Mode and the Nature Trip Mode where players get to enjoy a fishing jaunt on their own time without the onerous condition of competition.
«Game Notes»

The Idolm@ster Live For You! - New Import, In Stock

Japan is a land of idols. Year in and year out, the public appetite for idols is sated with a constant stream of fresh new faces who join their more seasoned cohorts. The shelf life of an idol is generally fleeting and turnover is rapid due to the fickle nature of the fan base and their constant hunger for newer, younger, and/or different.

Computer-generated idols and the games dedicated to managing such idols are not new. On the Playstation, there was Debut 21 and Dreamcast fans got to manage talent in Super Producers. Namco's Idolmaster from last year has been one of the more popular idol management simulations in the past few years and the sequel released today looks to repeat a commanding performance.

In Idolmaster: Live For You!, players get to manage a troupe of idols who are all invariably chipper, lively, and somewhat lovely.
As a producer who's goal is to create entertaining shows, your duties include playing a button-tapping rhythm game that's evocative of Taiko no Tatsujin where the onscreen cues must be hit as they reach the target area so that the girls dance with spirit and verve. «Game Notes»

The Idolm@ster Live For You! LE - New, Restock Soon

When the original Idolmaster shipped last year, consumers were given the choice of a regular edition and a limited edition. The latter was an overly elaborate affair which included a faceplate, a music video DVD, an art booklet, and the biggest bonus in gaming history - a toy replica of a performance stage and eleven idol figures which were all decked out in matching pink outfits.

For the limited edition sequel to Idolmaster, Namco tones things down by a couple of notches. There's no new faceplate nor an updated stage populated with figures but what buyers will receive are:

» An 84 page art booklet which contains illustrations and idol portraits
» Visual Music DVD (Please note: The disc is Region 2)
» A laminated slipcase with variant artwork which stores everything

Bonus Schwag: All preorders will ship with a bonus prepaid card which contains a scratch-off code. By using the card, players will be able to download the first new append song free of charge.

Hellboy UMD - Clearance

Sony's Playstation Portable UMD-Video format was so promising in the beginning (not really, but work with us here for the sake of today's sale) and retailers stocked up on discs. When sellers buy inventory, the hope is that the inventory will eventually sell and rake in profits. At the outset, UMD-Video sales were surprisingly tepid for an "exciting" new format that could potentially revolutionize the way humanity watched movies. PSP games were selling by the boatload but UMD movies were trickling out in meager quantities. Maybe the prices were too high and maybe there were alternative ways to watch movies on the PSP.

NCS didn't stock up on too many Japanese UMD-Videos. We can count our complete library on one hand. However, for the titles that we did bring in, we were obligated by our supplier to order fairly large quantities. One of those UMDs was Hellboy. We'll be keeping a copy for our private collection only for the cover artwork which is different from the American UMD-Video. We hope to shovel out sell the rest at a reduced price.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Japanese Hellboy UMD is set at US$15.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail. Inventory is new and factory sealed.
Please note Japanese UMDs only play on Japanese PSPs. [Larger photos]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Range Murata PSE Collection CDB Chair - Preorder

Back in 2004, Japanese artist Renji Murata aka "Range" illustrated the cover of a Japanese hobby magazine titled Character Design Bible (Vol. 3) and it appears fans still savor that issue's cover artwork. To bring the character featured on the magazine to life, Beagle commissions Range Murata to sculpt a 1/10 scale recreation of the cover artwork. The sculpture features a scantily clad young woman who lounges on an orange chair. She's wearing a bikini, black gloves, and white/black thigh-highs. The black cap on top of her head hangs on for dear life. Preorders are welcome to ship in June 2008. Jan Code: 4571275070389

DBZ Super DX Nagai Real Shenron Plush Doll - Preorder

Shenron of Dragonball Z fame is a green dragon that appears when the seven Dragon Balls are commingled. You can make him appear sooner however with Banpresto's upcoming Super DX Nagai Real Shenron Plush which measures a prodigious 70cm or 27.55" in length. That's almost as long as your arm. Due to the size of the plush, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States or USPS Airmail International for customers outside of the USA. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2008 at US$49 per plush.

Mizuiro Splash: Toyonaka Haruna 1/7 Scale Figure - Preorder

Mizuiro (Umeiro) Splash is a manga that's serialized in Monthly Dragon Age magazine which features buxom beauties in assorted escapades. One of those beauties is a ginger named Haruna Toyonaka who apparently has the "credentials" to be immortalized in a new PVC/ABS sculpture from Japanese manufacturer Movic.

Haruna is set to 1/7 scale figure and measures 19cm or 7.48" tall. Her pose is reminiscent of a race queen where she leans forward slightly to allow gravity to take hold of her considerable bosom. The red swimsuit is skin tight. We know this because of the eye-popping details that can be discerned with merely a cursory glance. Haruna is a very healthy girl.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April 2008 at JPY5800 or US$65.90 from NCS.

Mario Jigsaw Puzzle - Preorder

The portly plumber known only as "Mario" is master of his domain. That domain being video games. However, Mario has occasionally strayed into other forms of gaming as exampled by the Crystal Maze and Mario Tower games from last year. Soon, he'll appear in a series of jigsaw puzzles presented by Ensky.

Six styles of puzzles are in tap including themes from Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario Party 8. Each puzzle contains a mere 56 pieces and measures 257 x 182mm (10.11 x 7.16") in area so they're
fairly big but simple to put together. Pricing is set at JPY1600 per puzzle or US$15.90 from NCS. Preorders ship in late March 2008.

Juicy Honey AVC 8 Trading Cards - Preorder

Mint has started preorders for the eighth Juicy Honey AVC Trading Cards which are winging their way to market in late April 2008. The four JAV idols featured in the new set are as follows (from the top of the product photo and heading downwards):

» Rio aka Tina Yuzuki - Juicy Honey veteran who's been in a few sets
» Karen Hasumi - Karen turned 20 years old this past weekend
Azusa Itagaki - Former gravure idol turns to the world of JAV
» Ai Takeuchi - Seasoned performer makes her Juicy Honey debut

Juicy Honey 8 features a total of 72 regular cards and over a hundred special or limited edition cards including Autograph cards, Photograph Cards, Jersey Cards, Kiss Cards, Nipple Stamp Cards, and the highly sought-after Actress DNA Cards which contains a strand of hair. Preorders are welcome to ship in early May 2008 at US$60.90 per box of 12 packs.

Yuka Hirata Official Card Collection - Preorder

Fans of the Juken Sentai Gekiranger television series will discover another side of actress Yuka Hirata when Sakurado's new trading card collection ships on April 26, 2008. Some vital stats:

DOB: September 15, 1983 (24 years old)
Sign: Virgo
Blood: Type A
Origin: Hokkaido
Height: 158cm (5' 2")
Measurements: B88-W60-H85
Hobbies: Reading, photography, basketball

The Yuka Hirata Official Card Collection contains 72 regular cards but it's the limited edition cards that'll count the most in the trading card aftermarket. Yuka appears in special serially numbered Costume Cards, Autograph Cards, and Photo Cards which are randomly scattered in each box. Preorders are welcome to ship in early May 2008 at US$60.90 per factory box which contains 12 packs of cards.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Sleeve - Clearance

When Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in April of last year, they also shipped a Special Edition of the game which included a transparent plastic DVD sleeve. NCS sold a lot of copies of the regular game and the Special Edition but the regular edition sold better.

As our inventory of KH2 dwindled, we started taking the game out of the Special Edition sleeves to fill vendor and retail orders. Both versions of Kingdom Hearts II have since sold out a while ago but we still have a bunch of transparent sleeves. They look nice and pretty but we don't really need a few hundred of them lying around and taking up space. So, they must go. All of the sleeves are in mint condition and packaged in a plastic wrapper. We'll ship them in sturdy cardboard boxes so they'll arrive intact and suitable for inclusion in your Kingdom Hearts shrine.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Limited Edition Sleeve is set at US$12.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail. Inventory has been pulled from the Japanese version of the game.
[View larger photos]

Monday, February 25, 2008

Creator's Labo #14 Arisa Another Color - Preorder

From the Manufacturer
Hot off her sell-out performance, Yamato is pleased to represent Arisa in an all new color styling. Fashioned by Sunny Day of the Korean sculpting team Cerebus Project™ from an illustration by Shunya Yamashita, this plump, bespeckeld girl in school uniform, precariously poised on her toes, is even more captivatingly irresistible.

Standing over 24cm or 10" tall, Yamato's CREATORS' LABO #014: Arisa comes window boxed with a host of accessories including bass guitar with strings, a new pair of eyeglasses, heart shaped sunglasses (new), decorative arm parts, display base, and removable blouse and skirt. If you missed her first performance, be sure not to miss this encore.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2008 at US$68.90.

High School of the Dead: Rei Miyamoto - Preorder

A contagion is spreading across the world and infecting humanity without prejudice. Normal citizens are dying by the boatload and then rising up again as the undead. Our story takes place in Japan where a number of high school students and a nurse named Shizuka Marikawa have resisted the contagion and now must find a solution to man's plight.

In the High School of the Dead serial, a student name Rei Miyamoto uses a spear-like weapon known as a sou-jutsu which is capable of clearing out wide swaths of zombie malcontents. Japanese manufacturer Toy Works has started preorders for a 1/8 scale Rei Miyamoto figure which is constructed of PVC and ABS. Rei wears her high school uniform which may be shucked to reveal her bare bosom. To fend off zombies, a sou-jutsu is included with the toy. Just in case. Jan Code: 4543341131348

Ikkitousen Sekine Special Color Ver. - Preorder

From the Manufacturer
We said it would be dynamite, and it was! Yamato's highly praised PROJECT DYNAMITE #001: IKKITOUSEN - Kanu Unchou 1/5 PVC statue has been a sell-out phenomenon!

Now Yamato is pleased to present an all new color variation of this damsel in distress which is sure to be just as explosive, if not more. Sculpted by the talented TOUSHIROU (Cobra-kai), this chained and shackled beauty leaves nothing and everything to the imagination.

Window boxed, this limited second run of Yamato's PROJECT DYNAMITE #001: IKKITOUSEN - Kanu Unchou features spiked balls not included in the first edition. Another must have collectible from Yamato.

NCS Preorder Offer
The figure measures approximately 16cm in height and nearly that much in "area" with Kanu's sprawled legs radiating outwards like tentacles. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2008 at JPY13000 or US$129 from NCS.

Solid Works DX Collection: Gunslinger Girl - Preorder

The diminutive agents of the Social Welfare Public Service Institution have a singular agenda - assassination. As the operatives of a secretive government agency, the little orphan Angelicas are innocent-looking waifs with a penchant for murder.

Originally released in May 2007, Toy Works has announced a reproduction of the Gunslinger Girl figures which are scheduled to ship in May 2008. From the 11:00 'o clock position of the photo and rolling clockwise, the five Gunslinger Girls featured in the set are: Claes, Triela, Henrietta, Angelica, and Rico. A sixth secret figure is hidden in shadow. Preorders will ship in mid-late May 2008. Jan Code:

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Wed-Thurs

NDS Away: Shuffle Dungeon AQ Int

Let's Brass!! Milestone

Keiji J.B. Harold no Jikenbo: Satsujin Club fonfun

Kekkaishi: Koru Nogirou Shuurai Bandai

Soma Bringer Nintendo
PS2 Hokuto no Ken BEST Sega

Kyuuketsu Kitan Moonties Gung Ho

Night Wizard: Denial of the World 5gk

Night Wizard: Denial of the World Limited Edition 5gk

Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet

Npn Ichi

PSP My Stylist Sony
X360 Idolmaster Live for You Bandai

Idolmaster Live for You Limited Edition Bandai
Wii Choro Q Wii Takara

Uchi Tsuri! Sega Bass Fishing Sega

Simple Wii Series Vol. 5: The Block Kuzushi D3

Simple Wii Series Vol. 6: The Wai Wai Combat D3

USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Tues-Thurs

NDS Bratz: Super Babyz THQ

Brain Assist Sega

Bubble Bobble Double Shot Taito

Disney Friends Disney

Fantasy Aquarium Destineer

Naruto: Ninja Destiny Tomy
PS3 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Capcom

Lost: Via Domus Ubisoft

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Codemast.
PSP Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship Majesco

Patapon Sony
Wii Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Adv. Co

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed THQ

Sega Bass Fishing Sega
X360 Frontlines: Fuel of War THQ

Lost: Via Domus Ubisoft

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Codemast.