Sunday, July 31, 2022

TOYS Pikmin Hikkonuki "Pluck" Plush (Reissue, 2022) In Stock $26.98/each


Product Synopsis  
   Taito's Pikmin Hikkonuki "Pluck" plush toys are being re-released in the late Spring of 2022 where the little alien creatures are snuggled inside blocks of imitation dirt. Similar to how Captain Olimar plucks Pikmin from the ground in the Pikmin game, Hikkonuki owners pluck the plush Pikmin from their vestibules before releasing them to snap down into the cozy receptacle. A length of elastic cord keeps each Pikmin plush tethered to its base.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2022 at US$26.98 per plush. Please choose from blue, red, or yellow Pikmin Hikkonuki plushes from the dropdown menu. Update: In stock and shipping. New orders are welcome.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Taito
Dimension: H13cm (5.11")
Material: Polyester, Plush
Japanese Title: ピクミン 引っこ抜き ぬいぐるみ
JAN Code: 42550-21-451453700
Territory/Language: Japanese

 Wii Cyber Rumble Rapid Controller (Sale, 2008) Offer $53.98/each

 Product Synopsis

 Release Date March 8, 2008
We've been playing Virtual Console games on the Wii and using up our Japanese Wii Points cards when we should be selling them. During normal gaming sessions, we might use a White Gamecube pad but for those times when a little something extra such as rapid-fire is needed, we turn to CyberGadget's Rumble Rapid Controller.
    Designed for use with Gamecube games or Virtual Console downloads, the vibration-capable controller features rapid-fire functionality for all of the buttons on the pad. That's not all however. The sensitivity of the analog nub may be adjusted from Low, Normal, or High. The general shape of the controller is similar to a standard GC pad and CyberGadets adds rubberized grips for slippage-free gaming. This item is also known as the Cyber Shindou Controller.
    Product Offer: NCS' remaining inventory of the Cyber Rumble Rapid Controller from CyberGadget is new, factory sealed, and in excellent packaged condition. Price: US53.98 per controller. Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT.
 Manufacturer: Cyber Gadget
 Product SKU: CY-SRPC-WH
 JAN Code: 4544859007453
 Japanese Title: CYBER・振動連射コントローラ(GC用)販売終了