Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lise no Atelier Premium Pack

Once upon a time there was a quaint kingdom with cottages and clean streets. In that kingdom lived a red-haired princess and an extravagant king in green robes. One day, the royal treasurer unrolls a parchment and informs the king that the royal family is not only destitute but in debt. Mortified and plunged into a state of angst, the Princess runs away and sleeps in the forest for the night. She continues traveling until she reaches the kingdom of Ordre. Once there, she figures out that the only way to rebuild the family fortune is by learning alchemy and bringing honor back to her kingdom. The Premium Edition of Lise no Atelier includes a bonus lime-colored desktop clock with a figure of Lise's mascot Coron. «more»

General Updates

Delayed Import Shipment
Due to a transit delay last night, the rest of this week's new imports and restock of NDS FFXII Revenant Wings and Wii One Piece Ultimate Adventure will arrive tomorrow. If there is a delivery later today due to some good fortune that somehow shines upon the NCS, we'll update this page accordingly.
Golden Week in Japan
Most of our suppliers located in Japan will observe the Golden Week holiday which starts on April 30. They'll work on May 1 and 2 to clear out export orders but then go on vacation again on May 3 through May 6. Because of the holiday, we only expect restock shipments next week and no new releases are scheduled.