Thursday, August 16, 2018

 NSW Okami HD Extreme Limited Edition e-Capcom - New Import Arrival US$309.98

Product Synopsis  
   Reservations are shipping today or tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch e-Capcom exclusive edition of Okami HD which includes the following items:

» Okami HD Nintendo Switch software
» Okami Amaterasu Silver necklace (D3.2cm, Silver 925 pendant, brass, Swarovski)
» Okami Furry Pouch (H26cm × W13 cm)
» Okami Kotama Melody Collection (22 tracks)
» Mari Shimazaki Mini Illustration Card

   Although the shipment containing this item is in NYC this morning, the packages may be delivered late in the afternoon which would force us to ship tomorrow. Thanks. 
 Product Specs
Product SKU:
 English Title: Okami HS Extreme Limited Edition
 Japanese Title: 大神 絶景版 幸しらべと銀製首飾りと毛むくじゃらポーチ
Territory/Language: Japan / Japanese