Friday, January 28, 2011

Wii The Last Story - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The island of Ruli is ruled by a Count named Arganon whose army of knights keep the peace. Lower on the social strata are groups of mercenaries who roam the island in search of work and sustenance. One such ragtag band of mercenaries led by the protagonist Elza arrives at Ruli City and endeavors to find their fortune... or maybe just graduate from mercs into full-fledged knights.

   Last Story is an RPG directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi who collaborates with composer
Uematsu Nobuo who provides the music. In the game, players take on the role of a young mercenary named Elza who dreams of one day becoming a proper knight. When roaming the world, Elza hunches forward and runs with a galloping gait but regains his upright composure once a battle starts. Combat plays out in fast-paced action sequences but tactical elements are also in play where Elza can target an enemy or a group of enemies with a special attack. When preparing for the special attack, all action stops and the hero gets to aim at an immobile enemy. Elza has a special ability called "Gathering" where he can draw the attention of an enemy instead of a comrade such as a magic user about to cast a spell. Early preorders will ship with a bonus Elements of the Last Story Visual Book and a mini soundtrack CD.

X360 Gal*Gun - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» You remember high school, right? Raging hormones, bitchy cliques, craptastic lunches, and that time the gym teacher told you to do just one pull-up in front of that girl you liked. Her name was Jane. You couldn't do that pull-up and Jane never looked at you the same again.

   Gal Gun is high school all over again but with a twist. You're a high school student who the girls are crazy about because hormones are raging. Expressive girls in thigh-high hosiery are the "attackers" in Gal*Gun and your job is to fend them off in a 3D shooting game from Alchemist. Since the girls are aggressive, they charge at the protagonist and your job is to shoot the girls with "love shots." Upon impact, the shots explode into hearts which halt the advances of the rampaging coeds. In addition to shooting the girls on their limbs and torso with normal shots, a sort of "sniper mode" may be activated to concentrate fire on special parts that won't be mentioned... because they're unmentionable.
    Will NCS feel any shame playing Gal Gun? Nope. We'd play it in Times Square on the sidewalk on the Jumbotron in front of 100,000 judgmental people if we could. For those who are scared and ashamed, a special emergency mode may be toggled which instantly changes the screen to a lame 8-bit game.

 PSP Valkyria Chronicles III: Unrecorded Chronicles

NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: January 28, 1011
«©NCSX» Kurt Irving is a member of a special Gallian Army unit known as the "Nameless." Their job is executing covert operations and doing dirty deeds. Kurt's not that into his new position but he bides his time with the goal of returning to his battalion. During the course of his time with the Nameless, he meets a girl named Imuka who changes the course of his life...

    Early preorders will ship with a bonus "Gallia Secret Document File 422" which includes a "1935 Gallian Journal" booklet and a DLC code which was given away by Sega in 50% ratio.

NEWS General Updates  

Radiant Silvergun Stick - No GO
Hori has decided not to produce the Radiant Silvergun Real Arcade Pro Joystick due to lack of interest. They'll probably re-open preorder solicitations in a couple of months for another sales attempt but as of last night, the project is dead. Blame the Japanese economy.
Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack
Square limited the amount of FFIV CC UP that customers were allowed to order online and as such, our vendors were not able to procure enough quantity to fill our all of our preorders. We've sent out notification emails today but if the situation changes, we'll update our customers.