Thursday, April 21, 2011

 X360 Otomedius X Excellent - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX»  Mine Yoshizaki lends his artistic talents once again to Otomedius and the result is Excellent. Similar to the original Otomedius, OX is a horizontal shooter where girls who wear their ships around their waists fly against squadrons of enemy forces. Otomedius X features multiplayer gaming for up to three gamers to soar across the screen in an offline cooperative mode on a single console. That means three times the firepower against bosses and their underlings where players can bond over killing an armada of enemy miscreants. The game features a total of 11 stages (3 downloads) and four new characters including Kokoro Belmont of the Castlevania Belmonts.

   The game features a Super Attack Mode which allows players to list their scores on a national leaderboard and watch replays of the game. That means perfect players can share their play-through videos with others to demonstrate skills and shmup aptitude. The first printing of Otomedius X includes a bonus DLC card which allows the download of a ship called the RV T-301 Version Vic. 

 PSP SNK Arcade Classics 0 - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Before the advent of the Neo Geo way back in the day, SNK had a steady coin-op business where they brought in revenue by way of games like Ikari Warriors, Bermuda Triangle, and Psycho Soldier. Fast forward from that time period by nearly 30 years and SNK gathers together their "classics" on a single UMD for the PSP as follows.

» Ikari Warriors I, II, III (1986, 1986, 1989)
» Athena (1986) 
» Psycho Soldier (1987)
» Sasuke vs. Commander (1980)
» Tank (1985)
» ASO (1985)
» Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (1989)
» Bermuda Triangle (1987)
» Vanguard 2 (1984)
» HAL 21 (1985)
» Marvin's Maze (1983)
» Guerilla War (1987)
» P.O.W. (1988)
» Street Smart (1989)
» SAR: Search and Rescue (1989)
» Touchdown Fever (1987)
» Gold Medalist (1988)
» Super Championship Baseball Overseas Version (1989)

 NDS Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Learn how to type with only a Nintendo DS and the Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing package which includes Pokemon typing software, a keyboard, and a keyboard stand so that the keyboard can be propped up at an angle (which really isn't necessary). Although the software is in Japanese, the letters are English. Drills, exercises, and full on tutorials may be enjoyed by typists in training.