Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kouchan no Shiawase: Kantan! Oryouri Recipe - Preorder

Mr Kouzi Aida's easy recipe books have sold millions of copies in Japan and they're still going strong. His readership consists primarily of young women who are learning to cook and Kouzi's sphere of influence has expanded to regular magazine articles as well as television appearance. Kouzi's reach goes a little further this April when his first Nintendo DS recipe collection reaches market.

Brimming with a total of 300 recipes which span the spectrum of good eating, users can view ingredient lists and follow step-by-step instructions on preparing a dish. For tyros who have never cooked anything in their lives, a glossary is included which explains kitchen and food terminology. A shopping list function also allows cooks to take notes on what to buy.

Oshiri Kajiri Mushi no Rhythm Lesson DS - Preorder

When the populace of Japan becomes somber and perhaps withdrawn from one another, there's only one solution to reverse the malaise. A butt-biting-insect named as Oshiri Kajiri Mushi who only has four appendages versus the usual six and his troupe of dancers known as the Kajiri Gals. By biting people in the butt, Oshiri Kajiri Mushi brings mirth and happiness back into the citizenry of Nihon.

In Sega's upcoming Rhythm Lesson DS, the insects serve as music teachers where rhythm exercises on virtual instruments are all that's needed to become somewhat musically inclined. The software includes a large selection of music and 100 classical piano arrangements for nearly 7 hours of tunes and easy listening.

Kaiichi Otto Sensei Tokyo Daigaku Kanshuu - Preorder

Bringing up baby is tough work and parents need help. A lot of help. In Japan, parenting magazines as well as television programs teach mom and dad the proper way of caring for a newborn. Come April 2008, Marvelous offers a versatile and portable solution for parents who need a little extra help for entertaining a baby.

The software includes nursery rhymes, audio picture books, and games that a parent can play along with a child. A total of 176 diversions are packed into the game card which should keep most tykes busy and bushy-tailed. A recording function also allows parents to save a baby's first words and notate the recordings on the game card as a sort of vocal diary.

Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS - Preorder

The raucous crew of Taiko no Tatsujin is at it again with a new Nintendo DS game which includes a story based adventure mode and another collection of songs with which to bang your drum to. Another innovation is the concept of rivals which adds antagonistic drama to the game. As the story goes, players trek to seven islands to meet and beat various opponents in rhythm based drum action. Perform up to par and you'll continue onwards but falter and your journey ends. Abruptly.

Similar to the first Taiko DS game, a pair of drumsticks is included inside the game package so you can hit the virtual Taiko in style. The full name for this product is:
Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken and preorders are welcome to ship on April 24, 2008.

Professional Baseball Spirits 5 - Preorder

New York City is currently in the steely grip of winter but spring training is a mere two months away. So, while we brace ourselves (in our 78°F temperature controlled vehicles) against the icy howling winds, lingering thoughts of April keep us looking forward to the new season.

Konami's the first Japanese publisher to announce a baseball game for Spring 2008 and it comes to us in the form of Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 which is their "mature appearance" baseball sim. If you're looking for big-headed baseball action, type in "Jikkyou Powerful Pro" on our shopping site and you'll be treated to a bevy of Konami's "kiddy appearance" baseball games. Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 features the full 2008 team rosters
for all twelve professional teams and players may enjoy tried and true modes such as Pennant Race, Home Run Competition, and Spirits Mode. An online mode and Dual Shock 3 support are also included. For gamers who are a little rusty, a training mode teaches fielding, pitching, and battling.

Usagi Plush - Clearance

Domokun's partner in crime is a bespectacled rabbit named Usagi who lends guidance and companionship to the brown-hued brute. About 7 years ago, Bandai released a Usagi plush which measures 8" in height with 1/3 of that height represented by its ears. Since we're closing in on holding the stock for nearly a decade, we might as well try to shift Usagi from our warehouse to customers' homes.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Usagi plush is set at US$9.90 which includes shipping by Media Mail within the USA.
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