Friday, June 27, 2008

General Updates

Nintendo DS Paddles
Our next to last shipment of NDS Paddle Controllers arrived today and all backorders for the black, pink, and silver paddles will ship today. We've had the white paddles in stock all week so they've been shipping out normally. Our final shipment of Paddles will arrive in about 1 week. After that, they're all gone from our Japanese distributor. That is, unless Square/Taito decides to produce another batch later this year.
Playstation Network Tickets
Japanese JPY3000 tickets were restocked earlier this morning but please note we're sold out again. We expect another supply within the next 3-5 days along with the JPY5000 tickets. Backorders are welcome and we'll email you the code-scan once they're available again.
MGS Metal Cases
All backorders for the first printing of MGS4 Special Edition are shipping today. They still include the metal DVD case. Similarly, all backorders for the first printing of MGS2 Bande Dessinee with the metal DVD case will ship this afternoon. The second printings of both products will include standard paper/plastic DVD cases.

Derby Stallion DS - New Import, In Stock

Practically unknown in the USA but big in Japan, the Derby Stallion series of games have always commanded a premium price as well as general adoration from the Japanese gaming press. Enterbrain capitalizes on the popularity of the NDS by releasing a Derby Stallion which features touch-pen tapping to develop and build a horse racing empire.

Players start the game with a certain amount of capital with which to purchase the first yearling (after checking its pedigree and bloodline) and hire the staff who'll run the day to day affairs of the horse business. The game features updated 2008 horse and jockey data to give players a sense of operating within the real equine racing world.

Higurashi no Nakukoru ni Kizuna + Bonus - New, In Stock

After encountering strong sales on the PC and the PS2, Alchemist adapts the digital suspense novel Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に絆 第一巻・祟) over to the Nintendo DS. The game features a total of four new scenarios where a murder mystery, a crime, or other malfeasance is the driving factor for a suspenseful story. All orders will ship with a bonus pen that's designed to look like a hypodermic syringe.

Hakoniwa Seikatsu: Hitsuji Mura + Bonus - New, In Stock

Many years ago, the buffalo and deer roamed the land but hunters depleted their numbers before moving on to greener pastures. As a traveler who's looking for a homestead to settle down upon, you're given a parcel of land, a house, and some simple objectives. Your job is to develop the land, farm, raise livestock, and become a self-sufficient pioneer who's capable of feeding himself and making a living. All orders will include a bonus cloth grocery bag.

Simple DS Series Vol. 39: The Shouboutai - New, In Stock

In order to fight fires in the wild, a fireman needs an axe, a hose, and fire retardant robes. In order to fight fires on the Nintendo DS, all you need is a touchpen. Join a crew of fire fighters who venture bravely into infernos in order to rescue innocents and control raging fires. To shoot water at flames, simply tap on the target with the touchpen to drench and extinguish it. To break down doors and other obstacles, the axe may be used as a sort of battering ram.

In addition to normal flames, end level "boss" flames which are tougher to beat must also be contended with. The top screen shows an overhead map of the stage while all of the action takes place on the touch screen. Over 30 missions are featured in the game for DS firefighters to conquer.

The Tower + Bonus Booklet - New Import, In Stock

A single building is like an ecosystem unto itself. NCS likens it to little social system where tenants, management, and outsiders enjoy a sort of daily interplay. In Vivarium's The Tower, players erect a building, fill it with tenants, and make a profit. If it were that easy, everyone would want to be a landlord but there are wrinkles in the road to riches. In addition to proper maintenance of the building, there are also complaints to contend with, fires, burglaries, vermin, and other hazards of the real estate trade. Managers who control expenses and trouble will be able to bring in tenants and visitors but those who falter at the first sign of adversity will drive the finances of the tower into the ground.

Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono - New Import, In Stoc

Old school dungeon crawling makes a return on the PSP this week in Acquire's Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. The design of the game is largely based on the original Wizardry engine where various shops and areas in town may be visited by simply choosing them from a menu. Custom character creation (100 slots available) is an option but a number of pre-made archetypes are available for induction into your party. Once your crew is either generated or selected from the available roster, it's time to head into either of two dungeons underneath the first town that the game begins in.

All orders will ship with a bonus rigid plastic placard (11 x 8") which features two swimsuit-wearing characters on one side and the main cast on the other side.

World Neverland 2 in 1 Portable- New Import, In Stock

Live a life as an ordinary citizen in the fantasy Waktic republic of Pluto. There is no epic quest to conquer or world spanning adventure to go on. You live a life. Thats it. Since gamers will be living an average life, you'll get to choose a profession and work, meet a girl and get married, raise kids, retire, etc. At the outset of the game, players may travel around town and explore the local area. The D-pad is used for movement while the analog nub toggles the size of the screen. Pressing the "X" button slashes out a sword attack and the "O" button is used for interacting with fellow citizens. When wandering around town, the time passes in a natural manner with the day eventually turning into night.

If you stand around in the middle of town doing nothing, you'll be able to watch the other citizens scrabbling around doing their daily routines. Every once in a while, someone will run into your character and initiate a conversation or challenge you to a duel that takes place in a rudimentary ring.

World Neverland was originally released for the Playstation in October 1997 and its sequel shipped in February 1999. Dreamcast updates for both games were released in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The PSP update features the original Playstation versions of the games which is viewed within a window on the PSP screen. The border around the window features game options such as a map viewer, character stats, level-up requirements, a help screen, and a save function.

Gameboy Micro Famicom Version - Clearance

NCS Sale of the Day: June 27, 2008

«©NCSX» Measuring a miniscule 10 x 5 x 1.7cm in dimension or 4 x 2 x 0.7" for us Yanks, the Gameboy Micro matches the size of one of our Casio Exilim cameras nearly perfectly. The backlit screen on the Micro is slightly smaller than a standard GBA but it's remarkably crisp, bright, and sharp. The buttons on the Micro are also the softer tactile type as seen on the original GBA instead of the buttons used on the GBA SP. The headphone port is also built-in so players won't have to shell out another $10 for an adapter.

Sale Offering - NCS' remaining inventory of the
Gameboy Micro Famicom Version is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$65.90 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the U.S.