Tuesday, December 06, 2022

TOYS Petit Sample Captain & Pirates (New, 2023) Import Preorder US$68.98/box

 Product Synopsis

Update: December 06, 2022
   Shiver me timbers! Re-Ment brings us a "Petite Sample" lineup of pirate-themed items! Each miniature item contains everything you need to add plenty of pirate attitude to your toy collection. There are eight different items, and you'll get one of each per factory box. Order yours today, matey!

Day 1 -- Departure
Day 2 -- Voyage
Day 3 -- Rule
Day 4 -- Captain
Day 5 -- Duel
Day 6 -- Victory
Day 7 -- Treasure
Day 8 -- Legend

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late March 2023.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: RE-MENT
Size: H10cm (3.93") Non-Scale
Material: PVC, ABS

Japanese Title: ぷちサンプルシリーズ CAPTAIN & PIRATES
JAN Code: 4521121506913 


SALE Club Nintendo Original Kirby Snap Pouch (2012) $28.98/each (Warehouse Removal)

 NCS Product Synopsis

 Update: December 5, 2012
New and factory sealed 'Hoshi no Kirby Carrying Pouch' which is made of cloth and offered by Club Nintendo exclusively in Japan. The pouch may be used as a coin purse or a storage unit for trinkets and valuables. Why valuables? Because no self respecting cat burglar would look for jewelry in a Kirby pouch.
    Orders ship same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT. 

SALE X2 Soundtrack (1996) Music inspired by the X2 Video Game $12.98/each (Warehouse Removal)

 NCS Sale Synopsis

 «©NCSX» Multiple units of this item are available. Guess we forgot about these. The Dr Awesome X2 music CDs are new and pristine but please note that they were never individually shrinkwrapped or sealed by the European publisher. They were all just packaged together in a cardboard box covered by plastic wrap as shown in the photo. The CD features 17 music tracks from the X2 shooting game from Team 17 software.
    The unit offered for sale is the original 2009 release and not the 2022 reissue. Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT.  
 Track List
 01) project X2
 02) blood red sky
 03) no backup
 04) criticus
 05) crimson dusk
 06) resistance is futile
 07) subterranea
 08) face on
 09) metropolis under fire
 10) the stronghold
 11) worlds of ice
 12) red planet approach
 13) bioform
 14) command tower
 15) strict formation
 16) quark universe
 17) project X2 remix
    All music was written and performed by bjorn a. lynne. Copyright 1996 trsi records.