Monday, January 08, 2007

Clifford Dog Clothing

The pet industry in the States is massive and bigger than the toy industry. Think about that. Bigger than Elmo, Barbie, Bratz, and Raggedy Ann put together. Fido gets treats, toys, clothing, and other anthropomorphic assignations that would never jibe in nature.

Sega Toys gets into the pet craze with something called "Clifford Dog Clothing" which is meant to be affixed to a long-suffering spirited pooch. The photo from Sega Toys shows a dog shirt, dog drawers, and what looks like a mongrel mounting the dog from behind. We're not sure what Sega intended with the Clifford Clothing but it looks suspect. Very suspect. In any case, preorders ship in mid-late May 2007 at US$29 per Clifford outfit.

Mentai Gashapon

In Western society, party favors and treats may consist of sparklers that flare up with brilliant intensity, noisemakers, or plastic hand clappers that are meant to be flapped around. One other party favor that's occasionally used is the Paper Chinese Yo-Yo which consists of rolled paper that's tightly wound around a dowel. Flick the Yo-Yo forward and the paper flies forward in a cone-like configuration. Just make sure you don't poke someone's eye out lest ye be served.

In Japan, there's something that's sort of like the Paper Chinese Yo-Yo but it's even more devious. The Mentai gadget consists of a block of soft material that's tethered to a sheath. When you spot someone who needs a good scaring, flick the Mentai forward and the cork-like missile will fly forward like an apparition and possibly scare the devil out of him/her. To avoid lawsuits, you might want to stay a safe distance away before performing your hurling maneuver. Preorders ship in April 2007 at US$3.50 per Mentai gashapon.

Ochichi Meba

In Japan, the word "ochichi" or "乳ちち" refers to breast. Oppai is another word that means "breasts"..... or "boobies" if you want to be adolescent about it. Toy manufacturer Epoch tests their audience's ochichi recognition skills with a set of 5 toy breasts. Two types are of the flattened variety which may be known as pancakes while the other three are perfectly spherical with a protruding nipple. There's even one with cow skin camouflage, perhaps to indicate the totemic discharge of milk. Pricing is set at US$16 for the complete set of 5 Ochichis and preorders will ship in mid-late April 2007.

General Updates

New Import Outlook
NCS expects NDS Tenohira Gakushuu: Zettai Onkan Training DS and PS2 The Battle of Yu Yu Hakushou: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai 120% on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. All preorders will ship upon arrival.
Metal Gear Solid POPs Konamistyle Bundle
Additional supplies of the MGS Portable Ops Konamistyle bundle will arrive tomorrow and all backorders will ship on Tuesday afternoon. Pricing remains at US$419.
Multi-Console Component Video Cable
NCS will receive a new third-party "All in One" component video cable that connects to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii later this week. Plug all of your next-gen consoles into the cable and it acts as a sort of simple switchbox... without the switchbox. More details and photos soon.
USA Release Outlook
Backyard Sports Basketball and PS2 The Shield are on tap.