Friday, March 21, 2008

Kantan! Tanoshii! Okashi Navi DS - New Import, In Stock

In New York City, a few bakeries sell cupcakes for about US$4 each. One cupcake. Four dollars. Before you snicker, please note that they're "artisanal" cupcakes... and the rents in Gotham are bleeding edge. If you want to join the legions of bakers who sell cake, bread, and pastries at prices that kiss the sky, you'll need training. You'll need recipes. You need Koei's Kantan! Tanoshii! Okashi Navi DS.

With the software in hand, users will learn how to create over 110 types of baked goods such as cakes, breads, muffins, custards, and of course, cupcakes. The recipes features step-by-step instructions and crisp photos which guide you through the kneading, the stirring, and the overall crafting of delicious pastries, pies, and desserts.

Rosario to Vampire - New Import, In Stock

When a ne'er do well named Tsukune Aono is accepted to Youkai Academy, the lackluster high school student is relieved that he has somewhere to go. Relief soon turns into unease when he realizes that the name of the school is literal. Youkai Academy. Monster Academy. As in populated with monsters who hide behind human shells. Tsukune befriends a girl named Moka Akashiya who just happens to be a vampire and the two eventually develop a reciprocal relationship.

Capcom adapts the Rosario to Vampire franchise for the Nintendo DS with a interactive adventure which features character conversation, two mini-games, and side-viewed battle sequences which pop up when diplomacy fails and the use of brute force prevails.

Time Hollow Uwareta Kako o Motome - New, In Stock

The company that brought Solid Snake, Yu-Gi-Oh, and BeyBlade to the world tests the interactive gaming waters with an adventure scripted by Takehiko Hata who's recent works include Chekeraccho! (2006) and Unfair the Movie (2007). Junko Kawano of Suikoden series fame and Shadow of Memories serves as director.

Horo Tokio is a high school student who's been given the gift of viewing and changing the past. The instrument that allows Horo such power is a pen which is used to scribble circles which serve as time warps. As the story goes, Horo wakes up one day to find that his parents are gone. By wielding his time intervention and manipulation pen, Horo endeavors to find his parents and solve the mystery of their disappearance.

Caltoy Kids Cute Size Kingyo Plush - Preorder

Sega's line-up of Caltoy animal plushes are usually large in size with recent releases measuring no less than 72cm or 28" in length. The Caltoy plushes are also sizable in stature as redemption prizes in Japanese amusement centers. Sega's Cute Size Caltoy plushes are smaller and are meant to serve a lower tier in the redemption prize arena. The upcoming Kingyo (Goldfish) plushes measure 15cm or 5.90" in length and four colors are available - aqua, red, pink, and black. We expect the red goldfish to sell particularly well when we offer them to local Asian vendors. Red is a sign of good luck and a deep red goldfish is doubly auspicious.

Dragon Force Sega Direct Book & PinBadge - Clearance

Sega originally released the regular Sega Direct version of Dragon Force - Sega Ages Vol. 18 in August 2005 and the following items were included:

1) Pinbadge which features an image of Teiris which is packed with a little Sega Ages 2500 placard in a cellophane packet.

2) 64-page Visual art book which contains sketches and artwork by Hino Shinnosuke. For those unfamiliar with his work, Hino also provided the illustrations for the Spectral Force games and Fire Emblem.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Dragon Force Sega Direct Book and Pinbage Set sits at US$29.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail within the United States. All inventory is new and from original NCS stock (August 15, 2005). [View Larger photos]