Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angel Kiss Vol. III

The producers of the Milky Angel line of JAV trading cards have announced the Angel Kiss Vol. III set which is scheduled to ship in the second half of August 2007. Three JAV actresses flaunt their attributes as well as their innate abilities to be photographed nude and nearly nude without fear.

Pricing is set at US$58 per box. Please note that each box will contain 12 packs and each pack contains 7 cards for a total of 84 cards in every factory box.
Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2007.

Chocobo Keychain Collection

The indomitable Chocobo has ran with the heroes of Final Fantasy games for decades and its golden-feathered form has been featured in gobs of merchandise. Square Enix adds another product under the Chocobo banner: Keychains.

The new Chocobo Keychain Collection includes 13 pieces in the set including two variants of Chocobo and its animal compatriots. Three human characters also make the cut with a single variant for each.
Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late October 2007.

Diablock Transformers Convoy

Convoy gets yet another incarnation this summer with a "Diamond Block" aka Diablock toy where the leader of the Cybertrons finds himself constructed of Lego-like pieces known in Japan as Diamond Blocks. With a few twists and turns, Convoy transforms from robot form to trailer cab with working wheels and smoke stacks. Preorders ship in late August 2007.

Dead or Alive Extreme 2 Ayane

When Ayane plays volleyball with the DOA girls, she limbers up and stretches to prepare for the game. According to the toy peddlers at Kotobukiya, Ayane lifts her right leg and and grabs her left foot with her left hand. She then stands there on one foot as if emulating a crane or a flamingo.

The upcoming Ayane figure from Kotobukiya features the warrior woman in two forms of dress. In her garbed form, Ayane wears a blue flower-print top and a short skirt which is held up by a belt. In Ayane's bikini form, she changes into a matching two-piece. The figure stands atop a round disc and is fully assembled, pre-painted, and ready for display. Pricing is set at JPY8000 or US$80 from NCS.
Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2007.

Final Fantasy Tactics Trading Arts

Square Enix has started preorders for a new Trading Arts set which is based on the characters from the recent PSP remake of the Final Fantasy Tactics game. According to the product solicitation, five main characters are featured in the set along with ?? secrets. Please note that NCS is only supplying this item in factory boxes of 8 randomly packaged figures at a price of US$68. Preorders will ship in mid-late Aug.