Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Patapon 2: Don-Chaka - Japanese Preorder

After conquering adversity the first time around, the Patapon Tribe is back for another lively rhythm action game where the wee warriors literally march, fight, and defend to the beat of their own drum.

Game Features
Over 90 missions that take place on varying types of terrain
» Roughly 500 items, weapons, and armor to equip the Patapon soldiers
» New drumbeats in addition to the attack, magic, and retreat beats
» Four player cooperative gameplay for a Patapon team experience

Preorders are welcome to ship on November 27, 2008.

Illmatic Envelope (Illvelo Wii) - Japanese Preorder

Milestone gave gamers Chaos Field, Rajirugi (Radirgy), and Karous in the past few years but they're back with another vertical shooter which sports a strange name. Illmatic Envelope originally made the rounds in location tests at Club Sega venues last year and was officially released this past summer in Japan as a coin-op Naomi kit.

We're convinced that Milestone builds their shmups with a "Shoot 'em up construction kit" which allows them to lay out the stages, adjust the palette, and set the bullet patterns. The construction kit is probably open-ended so they can add new functions by way of special "filters" or "modules" that make their shooters less cookie cutter and discernible from the previous one. In Illvelo, players shoot at enemies with standard shots but "dolls" may also be used to attack and protect the main ship. The wrinkle in Illvelo that makes it unique is the warp function where over 100 hidden stages may be visited for short jaunts where objectives are conquered and the player is rewarded. Milestone's home conversion of Illvelo is slated for the Japanese Wii and preorders are welcome today.

MotorStorm 2 - Japanese Preorder

The original MotorStorm forced gamers to race on arid desert tracks surrounded by rocky crags. In the sequel to the game, Sony flips locations and places racers in the tropics where the tracks run parallel to vegetation, the surf, and an occasional volcano.

Players get to ride on mundane vehicles such as motorcycles, rally cars, and buggies but more exotic machines including a monster truck may also be maneuvered through winding roads. Over 350 types of vehicles may be driven which is 55 more than the original MotorStorm. According to the preorder details, game features include voice chat, ranking mode, and online support for up to 12 racers. Players from around the world may also link up and enjoy a race without fear of region restrictions. Preorders are welcome to ship on November 20, 2008.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam - Japan Preorder

Mobile Suits from 16 properties including Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 gather together in the next PSP Gundam action game which features a Story Mode as well as a customizable Versus Mode..

Game Features
30+ Gundam mechs run, jump. and thrust in various missions
Four player ad hoc Versus Mode for a Gundam battle royale
Use memory stick duo as a data buffer to improve loading times

Preorders are welcome to ship on November 27, 2008.

Ragnarok Online DS - Japanese Preorder

Gravity hit it big with their Ragnarok Online MMORPG which enthralled gamers with an adventure based largely on Norse mythology and introduced the cuddly Poring to the world. Come December, developer GungHo Works releases a new Ragnarok Online game for the Nintendo DS which features an original storyline and pretty much the same gameplay found in the MMORPG original. Players may create a character with a certain job class and then develop him or work into an extended class with additional abilities or specialized skills.

According to the preorder details, all reservations will include a bonus Ragnarok Online data collection booklet which the publisher is giving away in 1:1 ratio.

Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon for Japanese NDS - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis - Original Update: Sept 14, 2007
«©NCSX» Amidst hazy colors and a little touch-pen interaction, a lad is transformed and transported to the world of Pokemon where action and adventure awaits. At the outset of the game, players are asked to choose a Pokemon friend from seven types including Torchic, Mudkip, Naetoru, and Pochama. «View complete game synopsis and NCS game notes»

Sale Offer
: NCS' remaining inventory of Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon for the Japanese Nintendo DS is brand new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Price: $28.90 per copy which includes "free shipping" within the U.S. by USPS Media Mail Service.