Thursday, April 05, 2018

 TOYS Splatoon 2 Choco Egg - New Import, In Stock US$39.90/box

Product Synopsis  
   The original Splatoon sold nearly 1.5 million copies in Japan and the sequel released last summer scored over a million copies to shuffle the franchise into the position of one of the top 10 best selling Wii U games. This kind of runaway success behooves induction into the Choco Egg brotherhood and Furuta celebrates Splatoon 2 with a collection of toys being released next month.

(01) Boy (neon green) with Splash Shooter
(02) Boy (neon pink) with Barrel Spinner
(03) Girl (neon pink) with Supra Maneuver
(04) Girl (neon green) with Suprascope
(05) Pearl
(06) Marina
(07) Octarian
(08) Judd
(09) Squid (neon pink)
(10) Squid (neon green)
(11) Squid (bright blue)
(12) Squid (sun yellow)
(13) Sheldon
(14) Girl (hero mode)
(15) Li'l Judd
(16) Secret Girl (Chocolate Egg Version)

   Each factory box contains 10 individually boxed Splatoon 2 characters along with a piece of chocolate. Due to the packaging allotment, purchasing one box will not be enough to get all 16 types. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Furuta
Material: PVC
Product SKU: 4902501209455
Japanese Title: チョコエッグ スプラトゥーン2 10個入りBOX(食玩)
Territory/Language: Japan