Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Server DOWN!

Our site at www.ncsx.com is currently down but we should get it back and running within the next 60-90 minutes. Thanks to everyone who emailed and called us. Update at 2:58PM EST: Still working on it.

General Updates

Blackout Blues in New York City
The oppressive heat in NYC caused rolling power outages yesterday afternoon as millions of air conditioners competed against each other for electricity. Our office lights never went out but we did encounter some internet connectivity issues when a local Verizon facility ran into problems. Today's another really warm day and we expect some more outages when the mercury reaches its apex in the afternoon.
Nostalgia NCS
We found an old folder of invoices from 1996-1997 while moving some old records yesterday. There was an invoice for the Diehard Gamefan store that used to be in Manhasset, Long Island which was run by John Park and Todd Goldstein. Another invoice was for Knight's Video Games which was in California and a bunch of others. If we have the time and permission, we'll scan the invoices and post them up for curiosity's sake. They're fairly interesting... especially the prices for the Japanese Nintendo 64 console when it was first released in the summer of 1996.

Ah! Megamisama Limited Edition Holy Box - Clearance

If you missed out on the initial release of the PS2 Ah! Megamisama Limited Edition Holy Box last year, you're in luck. We'll receive a restock supply of the game later this week that's been in storage in Japan for the past 13 months. The limited edition bundle includes the following items:

» PS2 Ah! Megamisama game DVD.
» Silver-tinted pocket watch which features an engraving of Belldandy on the cover and a braided metal design that rings its outer perimete.r
» A set of seven memory card stickers which bear the likenesses of the Megamisama goddesses such as Skuld, Urd, and others.
» Megamisama Special Drama CD
» Illustrations booklet which contains artwork of the characters

Pricing per bulky box is set at US$68.90 which includes shipping by UPS Ground within the United States. Orders placed today are expected to ship on Thursday or Friday of this week.