Wednesday, September 21, 2016

 GEAR Pokémon GO Plus - Import Reorder US$39.90 / Shipping January 2017

Product Synopsis
Explore the world with Pokemon GO Plus at your side! The Pokemon GO Plus is an accessory that is compatible with any smart phone that has the Pokemon GO application installed. When a Pokemon is close by, the Pokemon GO Plus will begin to vibrate. Simply click on the button and you will able to catch a Pokemon while you are out and about. With the Pokemon GO Plus, users can catch Pokemon with a simple click of a button.

   When the Pokemon GO Plus is paired via Bluetooth LE to a phone that has the Pokemon GO application installed, players can encounter and catch Pokemon like never before. Users will also encounter set locations called Poke Stop, where you can collect items like Poke Balls, Berries, and even Pokemon Eggs. The Pokemon GO Plus is easy and convenient, allowing the player to continue with their daily activities without having to look at their phone.

   Import reorders are welcome to ship in mid January 2017.

Product Specs

: Nintendo
Dimension: L5.20 x W2.84 x H1.26"

Product SKU:
Territory/Language: Japan