Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Alter 1/8 Scale PVC Figures

Japanese toy manufacturer Alter has opened up preorders for two 1/8 scale figures which are scheduled to ship in late May 2007.

1) Beat Angel Escalayer 1/8 Scale
Sayuka Kouenji is a mighty redheaded android who defends the planet from invaders known as the Dielast. To obtain her power, Sayuka engages in liaisons with her female android companion Madoka...

2) Jingai Makyo Kazeko 1/8 Scale
Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono does a high step in a pair of barely there briefs. Alter has already sculpted Ignis from the Jingai Makyo eroge game and it's only fitting that Kaze represent as well.

Real Action Heroes Spiderman 3

The third Spiderman movie is set to bow this year and Medicom celebrates the occasion with two new Real Action Heroes - Classic Spiderman in the red + blue suit and Symbiotic Spiderman.

Pricing for the Japanese version of the RAH figures is set at US$159 each and delivery is expected in June 2007. Please note that USA versions of the RAH Spiderman figures are also expected this year at lower prices of US$89 per figure.

The Rocking Machine

Since the first production of "The Rocking Machine" replica sold so well last year, Medicom has announced a reproduction which ships in June 2007. Originally sculpted by Herman Makkink for the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange," the Rocking Machine may be seen rocking and used as a blunt force object in the movie.

Medicom's Rocking Machine measures 31.50 x 19.70 x 13.40" in dimension and is balanced imperfectly inside so that it shudders back and forth in a peculiar rhythm when set in motion. Who is the target market for this type of product you ask? We're guessing sophistos, fans of Herman Makkink, and Kubrick film buffs. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2007 at US$950 per Rocking Machine.

Juicy Honey Celebrities Authentic Visual Collection

The Juicy Honey card collection expands by another set on March 24, 2007. Dubbed "Celebrities," the gals in the new card collection are well known adult models and film actresses in Japan. According to the preorder solicitation, a total of 72 regular cards are featured in the set along with 12 special cards. The types of cards are split into the following categories as listed below:

Autograph Cards
Message Cards
Honey Jersey Cards
Kiss Cards
Photo Cards
Autographed Photo Cards
Instant Photo Cards

Preorders are welcome to ship in late March 2007 at US$39 per factory case of 12 packs which contain 7 cards per pack.

Space Battleship Yamato Real Artwork Series

Happinet Robin has started preorders for a piece of Space Battleship Yamato artwork which features two recognizable figures which pop out of the piece:

1) Starsha with her doleful eyes and blonde hair
2) The Space Battleship Yamato in all its glory

By "pop out," we mean it. Both Starsha and the Yamato are 3D models that poke out of the artwork and may be touched, examined, and photographed in their extruded forms. The dimensions of the product measure W210 x H297 x D140 mm (W8.27 x H11.69 x D5.51") and would look good hanging on a wall or mounted in a Yamato gallery. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2007 at US$165.