Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starwars Light Saber Remote Control - New, In Stock

Most television remote controls are rectangular and flattish. Taito diverges from standard design conventions and shapes their remote control into a light saber which measures 20cm or 7.87" in length. The general controls found on a regular remote are featured on the saber as follows:

Channel selection (up and down)
Volume (up and down)
On/Off rectangular pushbutton switch

Two styles are on offer, a standard light saber with silvery color and a black/silver variant. The saber remote runs on two AAA batteries which are housed in the handle. Please note that a syncing action must be performed to make the remote work with your television. Quick and easy, the steps are as follows:

Power on the television you wish to sync with and hold the remote near it. Press the On/Off button on the saber and then push and hold each channel and volume button for approximately 1 second. Once the step has been performed, the remote will be in sync with the TV.

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Famitsu Wave DVD [February 2008] - New, In Stock

Devil May Cry 4 serves as the cover subject for the February 2008 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD. Games and features inside the magazine:

» Check out new hero Nero and his skills in the Devil May Cry 4 preview. Producer Hirojuki Kobayashi gives pointers on the action.
» Momotaro Dentetsu 16 Gold / Xbox 360
» Kazunori Yamauchi previews Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Poison Pink / Playstation 2
» Higurashi Matsuri / Playstation 2
» Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden / Playstation 2
» We Love Golf / Wii
» Makai Senki Disgaea 3 / Playstation 3
» Star Ocean First Departure / Playstation Portable
Final Fantasy XI Online continuing feature
» Monster Hunter Frontier continuing feature
» EVO 20007 Championship in Las Vegas event coverage

Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron - Restocked

The latest and possibly greatest Transformers Masterpiece toy features the imposing bulk of Megatron, leader of the Destrons (aka Decepticons). Ol' Mega ships in robot form inside the glossy packaging but he may transform into a Walther P38 in gun mode with a scope on top.

Upon opening up the package, Megatron lies upon a plastic tray with accessories arrayed around him as follows:

» Black scope that's nearly as tall as Megatron
» Miniature Kremzeek figure in trademark hands-to-the-side pose
» Mini purple-colored PVC energy saber that's sort of transparent
» Mini purple-colored PVC mace with chain attached to a hand-grip
» Mini violet and silver-colored PVC handgun that's perfect for munchkins

Please note that the version that NCS is supplying is the unmodified version and all boxes are still sealed with the original factory tape.

Disgaea One Coin Grande Figures - New, In Stock

The demon spawn named Laharl and the leader of the Prinnies known as Etna leads a cast of characters in Kotobukiya's One Coin Grande line of non-scale toy figures. According to video game lore, Laharl is the rightful heir to the throne of the Netherworld but has to fight, bite, and backstab pretenders who would usurp Laharl's birthright. The colorful cast of characters hail from the Playstation Disgaea video games and each figure measures approximately 6cm or 2.36" in height.
The figures are randomly packaged 12 per factory case and each box will contain a full set of 6 figures, 1 secret figure, and duplicates. NCS is only supplying this item in complete factory boxes of 12 figures at $68/box.

Samurai Spirits Nakoruru 1/6 Scale Figure New, In Stock

The sprightly Nakoruru originally captured the hearts of fighting fans in 1993 where she slashed and stepped her way to the top of the Samurai Spirits hierarchy. Over the years, NCS has peddled assorted Nakoruru figures including one with shabby hair and a wooden plank posture. Some were well done and welcome additions to our private collection... and others like the aforementioned doll were lacking.

To bolster the Nakoruru cause, Lilics unleashes a dynamic figure which depicts the warrior woman in mid-slash whilst stepping lively in mid-air. Nakoruru's face is younger and sweeter than usual and her eyes are like saucers. The red and white ensemble catches the eye and the roiling robes beneath her body evoke visions of crashing waves upon a soapy surf. Or something like that. Nak's
Chichi-ushi weapon is included in the package which may be inserted into the grip of her left hand. Nakoruru's right hand is busy holding a portion of her garb.

Lilics' Art Storm Nakoruru sculpt is made of PVC and is a 1/6 scale figure which measures 20cm or 7.87" tall. The figure is pre-painted and fully assembled for immediate display. Jan Code:

Sengoku Cannon Ep. III 1/6 Scale Mizuka - New, In Stock

Sengoku Cannon's characters are a varied and motley lot but with the exception of Koyori (aka Miko), they're pretty much absent in the toy marketplace. Expanding beyond the majestic realm of Koyori, Japanese manufacturer Art Storm/Lilics unleashes a 1/6 scale figure inspired by the red-headed Mizuka from Sengoku Cannon Episode 3.

Sunny Day of Cerberus Project provides the sculpt and Mizuka is the personification of the word "exuberance." We might throw in "radiance" and "bubbly" if goaded for more descriptors. Mizuka stands on her tiptoes and wears a green and white ensemble with hints of red - the green matches her wide-as-the-sky glassy-green eyes. A length of juzu (prayer beads) is included for Mizuka to stretch across her back. The paint job on the figure is very clean and there's no bleeding or chips to be found. We would have preferred a brighter tint of green on her skirt but overall, we're pleased with the totality of the figure. Mizuka is a fully assembled figure which ships in an attractive window box. A white display base is also included inside the package. Jan Code:

Display Stand Portable - New Import, In Stock

When watching a 2-hour movie on the PSP, holding the portable in your hands for the entire length of the film can become a tedious exercise. A PSP movie watcher may also experience finger strain or cramped muscles just by holding the unit in position for a couple of hours. Thanks to the engineers at Hori, movie watching on the PSP is no longer a pain in the wrist. The Display Stand Portable holds the PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 in place at a 45° angle for easy viewing and frees your hands to do other things such as feeding your maw, wiping your brow, and scratching your ears.