Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Super Mario Bros Card Case

Yujin follows up on the Animal Crossing Card Case collection with another collection of NDS game storage cases which feature a New Super Mario Bros theme. The cases are designed to look like miniature books with three plastic sleeves inside to hold three game cards. Attractive New Super Mario Bros artwork adorns the front and back of each case.
The case opens like a book with a clasp in front which clicks to close. If you own a fairly large library of Nintendo DS games, you can arrange them in the card cases by theme. For example, we filed Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars inside the Koopa Junior case since he's scrappy and we inserted three puzzle games into the brick case. «more»

New Super Mario Bros Pouch

Epoch hasn't really matched Yujin in the amount of Mario Bros merchandise churned out per annum but they're trying. For their latest Mario Bros attempt, Epoch releases versatile Mario-themed storage pouches which measure 11x18cm and are available in six colors. Smooth and thin material is used to create the Mario Bros pouches which don't afford a lot of protection but they look attractive. Although the pouches were designed to hold a Nintendo DS Lite perfectly within its confines, they will also accommodate a Sony Playstation Portable, a Neo Geo Pocket, a Gameboy Advance (tight fit but it fits) and even a bottle of FFXII potion.
A drawstring on the top of each pouch may be lashed tightly to close the pouch. As mentioned before, the pouches are made of super thin material and won't provide any cushion against shock or drops. We caution against using it as your primary handheld pouch if you're an active player who's always on the go. NCS supplies this item as a complete set of six. «more»

Animal Crossing Bottle Strap

In the online tag mode of Animal Crossing, players may buy a message in a bottle from Tanukichi's (Tom Nook) establishment and send it to other online towns. Yujin takes the communiqué literally and presents a collection of Animal Crossing character straps + bottles which hold tiny messages and a little gift. The paper insert that is included inside each capsule contains eight written messages and an additional four stamp-size sheets upon which notes may be scribbled. Each animal and bottle measures 21mm or 0.82" tall and eight styles are available. NCS bundles the eight straps together and supply them as complete sets. «more»

Capcom Girls Statue 3: Cammy

Perky. That's the first word that comes to mind after casually glancing at Ensky's Capcom Girl Statue version of Cammy. After taking in the vision of fighting womanhood for a few more seconds, another word that comes to mind is "sassy."

The third Capcom Girls Statue from Ensky depicts the popular fighting heroine as a rigid yet curvy figure who rests her left gauntlet on her backside while the finger on her right hand appears glued to her right thigh. Two sprigs of her blonde locks sprout outwards from the top of her head while her blue uniform appears to have been spray-painted on. The Ensky Cammy figure measures 19cm or 7.48" tall and is fully assembled and painted for immediate display upon delivery. «more»

General Updates

Trigger Heart Exelica
The regular and limited editions of Dreamcast Trigger Heart Exelica were shipped from Japan last night and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. All preorders will ship on Wednesday afternoon.
All backorders for the Japanese Nintendo Wii will ship tomorrow but we're sold out again this morning. The next batch will ship from Japan on February 22 for delivery by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Any new backorders placed today will ship on February 26-27.
Final Fantasy Preorders
NDS Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings was opened up for preorders recently and PSP Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition is now available for preorder on our old shop.