Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evangelion Mini Refrigerator - Import Preorder

Does the final episode of the first Evangelion series still haunt your dreams? Did you name your first born Shinji and your second son Gendo just to be cheeky? If you're still obsessing over all things Evangelion, NCS might have something for you next week.

The Evangelion Miniature Refrigerator [Blue Rei or Red Asuka version]

Not just any refrigerator but a miniature one that's portable. It's not your dad's fridge but it'll store about 8 bottles of water, a couple of sandwiches, and at least a day's worth of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The Evangelion refrigerator can operate on 100V-120V and may be plugged into a wall or into your vehicle through the included power cables. One unique aspect of the fridge is its ability to serve as a food warmer in addition to a cooler. Simply turn the temperature dial up inside and it'll keep food and drinks warm. Preorders ship on or around July 10, 2008.

Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta! - JPN Preorder

G.rev's latest Naomi endeavor is another vertical shooter which features characters designed by Mizuki Takayama of Senko no Ronde fame and spitfire gameplay that requires twitchy manipulation. The game has been co-developed with a team of former Seibu Kaihatsu staffers who now call themselves GULTI.

Four shooting heroes are featured in the game including the title hero Mamoru, a girl named Mayuno, and a hipster who answers to Kinya. They've all been summoned to the underworld by a priestess named Fururu who needs their help. Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2008 at JPY178,000 or US$1800 per Naomi cartridge kit which includes shipping from overseas.

Revoltech No. 58 Gurren Lagann FullDrillized - JPN Preorder

It wasn't so long ago that Kaiyodo released a Gunman toy in their Revoltech line (Revoltech No. 50) but they're releasing another one in August dubbed the "Full-Drillized" version. The original Gunman toy was packaged with a gold drill but the newtype is packaged with a silver drill and is studded with sharp drills throughout its exoskeleton. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2008 at JPY1900 or US$23.90 from NCS.

Kanu Unchou Big Towel - Import Preorder

NCS pores through hundreds of Japanese preorder offers every week. It's a daunting task but someone's got to do it. Some preorders make us laugh out loud while others give us pause. Two examples from the past include the Taiko Hats and the various Unchi toys.

When we received the preorder details for Cospa's Kanu Unchou Big Towel, there was pause. Then wonderment. Who would have the temerity to lay the towel out on a public beach? First of all, there's upskirts action going on in the towel which is evil in itself but glance higher and there's also an upshirts view for anyone who cares to look. NCS was conflicted on whether or not to post the latest Kanu Unchou product on today's website update. The conflict lasted about 3.15 seconds.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2008. Pricing is set at JPY5000 or US$50.90 from NCS.

Naruto Jersey in Medium or Large - Import Preorder

When the next cosplay convention opens up and you're still unsure of who to go as, there's always Naruto. Everyone knows and loves Naruto.

To help you on your cosplay ambitions, Cospa has started preorders for a Naruto Jersey that looks like something a junior ninja would wear. The two-tone color scheme is eye-catching and the swirl design on the back is snazzy. Repeat: snazzy.

Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2008 at JPY10000 or US$108.90 from NCS.

One Piece Grand Battle 3 - Clearance

Japanese Gamecube Import [Freeloader required to play on US GC/Wii]

«©NCSX» One Piece, the anime and increasingly the games, enjoys a faithful following of fans. Luffy and crew are determined pirates who seek treasure, fame and just happen to excel in their particular skills. Luffy is an unlikely captain with his goofy grin, straw hat and lanky frame but somehow, he pulls everyone together.

In the third Grand Battle gaming outing, Luffy, Roronoah Zoro, Eneru, Viper and twelve other characters fight one-on-one in a 3-D cel-shaded battlefields. Every fighter uses innate skills for grabbing an edge - Luffy for example, extends his appendages to knock opponents from a distance while Zoro attacks with three swords. Beautifully rendered stages include the ancient setting of Shandora Temple, Alabasta Castle, Drum Castle, Mock Town, and the impressive Maxim Airship. Larger Photos

Sale Offering - NCS' remaining inventory of
One Piece Grand Battle 3 is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$20.90 per copy which free includes USPS Media Mail shipping within the U.S.