Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello Kitty X Space Invaders Fasteners

Hello Kitty shares nothing with Space Invaders. The former is a furry feline with a simple facial structure who helms a billion dollar empire structured around the concept of cute. The other is an aged video game classic which occasionally finds itself included in Taito's retro collections and reissues. Despite the disparate nature of the two, Japanese manufacturer Gotochi brings them together in a "Hello Kitty X Space Invaders Mascot Netsuke Fastener" set. The two figures share dot-graphics design sensibilities and are topped with a little metal clasp which connects them to mini-loops and other little links. «more»

Hello Kitty X Space Invaders Strap

Sanrio gave birth to Hello Kitty in 1974 and started a franchise that would circle the globe and capture the hearts of girls and a few boys. Taito unleashed Space Invaders in 1978 and won favor with boys and roughly six girls around the world. Fast forward three decades and the two legends finally collaborate on a project from Japanese manufacturer Gotochi. Looking at the two strap trinkets, one might think, "What took them so long?" They're both the color of ivory and possess simple eyes that peer out at the world with abject innocence. So much alike and yet so different... «more»

Hello Kitty X Space Invaders Hand Towel

After a person living in a civilized society washes his or her hands, the proper etiquette would be to dry them with a napkin or towel. This means the following after-washing-hands-actions are no-nos:

» Wiping your hands on your shirt or pants like a caveman
» Flinging your hands forward to rid them of residual water
» Touching your greasy face, unaware that oil and water don't mix

To encourage proper hand drying, Japanese manufacturer Gotochi has released a Hello Kitty X Space Invaders hand towel which features images of Kitty's face together with Invaders against a pink backdrop. Made of 100% cotton and measures 250 x 250 mm or 9.84" square. «more»

Hello Kitty X Space Invaders Face Towel

Human hands aren't much bigger than faces but the Hello Kitty X Space Invaders face towel measures 337 x 785 mm or 13.26 x 30.90" in size. Unless your face is as big as a watermelon, the "Face Towel" would work better as a body towel. The kind that you grab when stepping out of the shower to mop up rivulets and streams of water... «more»

Final Fantasy III Trading Arts Mini

The second shipments of our FFIII Trading Arts figures arrived last week and all remaining preorders and backorders have shipped. New orders are welcome to ship today. The FFIII set features seven character archetypes from the recent NDS re-release of the game as follows:

Freelancer | Red Mage | Dark Knight | Knight | Magus | Devout | Dragoon

The figures measure 5cm to 7cm and pretty much everyone wears a hat or a helm of some sort. The Trading Arts figures are packaged 12 to a factory sealed carton and according to the preorder solicitation, every factory case contains 1 full set of figures and some duplicates.

Import Outlook

DC Karous leads preorders followed by Monster World Collection.
DC Karous Milestone
NDS Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana Square
PS2 GuitarFreaks & DrumMania Masterpiece Gold Konami

Kenka Banchou 2: Full Throttle Spike

Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 29: Monster World Sega
PS3 Power Smash 3 Sega
Wii Bomberman Land Wii Hudson

Eyeshield 21: Field no Saikyou Senshi Tachi Nintendo

USA Release Outlook

NDS Wario MoD leads preorders followed by PS3 Motor Storm.
NDS Rayman Raving Rabbids Ubisoft

Uno 52 Destination

Wario Master of Disguise Nintendo
PS2 Burnout Dominator EA

Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Eidos

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Rockstar
PS3 College Hoops 2K7 2K Sports

Def Jam Icon EA

Motor Storm Sony

NBA Street Homecourt EA
PSP Burnout Dominator EA
X360 Def Jam Icon EA