Tuesday, August 05, 2014

 TOYS Nendoroid Luigi - In Stock US$48.90

Manufacturer Synopsis
A Nendoroid made to celebrate the Year of Luigi!
     In commemoration of 'THE YEAR OF LUIGI' comes a Nendoroid of Luigi from Super Mario! He comes with three expressions including his standard expression, a smiling expression and even a surprised expression - allowing you to display Luigi in all sorts of poses!
     He also comes with dash and jumping effect parts, as well as a pipe to bring out the atmosphere of the game! Two of the classic enemies Super Mario enemies, the Goomba and Bullet Bill, are both included allowing for various classic scenes from the game to be recreated!
  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
  Territory/Language: Japan

  Japanese Title: ねんどろいど スーパーマリオ ルイージ
Jan Code: 4571368443748


 TOYS Yoshi New Island Mascot Keychain - Import Preorder US$20.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Yoshi comes into his own as the featured hero in Takara Tomy's upcoming set of 'Yoshi New Island Mascot Keychains' which feature the happy dinosaur in five figurations as follows:

 » Winged Yoshi with Baby Mario
 » Submarine Yoshi
 » Helicopter Yoshi
 » Jackhammer Yoshi
 » Sled Yoshi

    The miniature figures measure 3.8cm or 1.49" tall and are made of PVC. For the sake of completion, NCS will gather together all five figures and sell them in complete sets. Preorders ship in November 2014.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
 Jan Code: 4904790821912
 Territory/Language: Japan


TOYS San-X All Stars Oheya De Gardening - Import Preorder US$22.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Japanese manufacturer System Service recruits the characters of San-X for a gardening product which gives children and adults a way to grow carrots, radishes, basil, daikon, and more with little muss nor fuss. Each kit includes a small pot, soil, a marker, and a pack of seeds. Once the seedlings sprout and the cotyledons emerge, would be farmers can watch as the plants grow and prosper for a potentially bountiful harvest. NCS will collect all six kits for and supply them at US$22.90. Preorders ship in November 2014.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: System Service
 Jan Code: 4560461009630
 Territory/Language: Japan


DC Sturmwind Limited Edition - Sale US$139.90

Product Synopsis
  “Sturmwind” is a classic shoot ‘em up with 2D gameplay, powered by a hybrid 2D/3D engine.

   Players fight over 20 boss enemies in 16 levels. In addition to the so-called “Award Trophy System” which ensures long- term motivation through unlockable content, there will also be an internet highscore list in which players can compete against each other worldwide.

  • 16 levels
  • 3 selectable difficulty levels
  • configurable controls
  • adjustable screen position
  • varied choice of weapons
  • More than 20 large boss enemies
  • Hundreds of different enemies
  • FMV intro sequence
  • Hybrid 2d/3d game engine
  • Resolution of 640×480 pixels
  • PAL50, PAL60, NTSC and VGA (with Adapter) compatible
  • Region free
  • Works with any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast
  • CDDA Sound
  • Supports: Gamepad, Arcade Stick (Analog/Digital), VMU, Rumble Pack (configurable)
  • Internet WEBcode Hiscore Tables
  • Award Trophy System with unlockable content

    The Limited Edition includes a soundtrack CD containing 17 songs, a 'Threats of the Universe' Sturmwind Pilot's Guide booklet, and a little Sturmwind toy ship which are all packaged in a magnet seal hard case.

 TOY Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Pin Badge Set - Sale US$48.90

Product Synopsis
New and factory boxed official '
Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Pin Badge Set' which was offered exclusively by Club Nintendo for their Platinum Level customers in Japan. The set is still packaged in the original Club Nintendo mailer as photographed below and a total of 25 pin badges are packaged in the six containers inside the box.
     Please note NCS is supplying the official Nintendo version of the pin badges. There was a counterfeit version made of this item which may be found on Ebay where the colors of the boxes are different from the box colors shown below in photos #3 and #4. The counterfeit version features boxes which are single-color only whereas the official version's boxes are multi-colored as shown below.
     Orders are welcome to ship today at US$48.90 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the continental United States.  


 PS3 Playstation 3 250GB Azurite Blue (Japan) - Sale US$269.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: January 30, 2013

   Slim Playstation 3 console with a 250GB hard drive in Azurite Blue. New inventory in stock and ready to ship.
Product Specifications
: Sony
Territory/Language: Japan
Japanese Title: PlayStation3 CECH-4000B AZ【250GB】アズライト・ブルー
Jan Code: