Wednesday, August 17, 2011

 TOYS Raystorm R-Gray1 Model Kit - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the Raystorm game, a ship called the R-Gray1 traveled through the air and attacked enemy ships that swooped in for the kill. The game allowed players to choose the R-Gray1 which fired a volley of shots at enemies or the R-Gray2 which shot concentrated dual-lasers which cut through opposing armor. Both ships have a lock-on function where missiles are sent sailing at multiple targets at once when activated. The R-Gray2 has a higher missile count than the R-Gray1 but Kotobukiya doesn't really care - they're going with the R-Gray1 with their Raystorm model kit.

   The upcoming R-Gray1 kit isn't the first toy to feature the Raystorm ship. In the second Shooting Game Historica set, the R-Gray1 was one of the ships in the collection which was sold in gashapon form and was made up of nine parts that were bolted and fitted together to create the ship. 

   The R-Gray1 model kit is built to 1/144 scale and measures 160mm or 6.29" in length. The weaponry of the R-Gray1 is attached on the sides and a clear blue canopy on top of the ship which allows visibility inside the cockpit. In addition to the ship in kit form, a movable mounting arm is included so that the R-Gray1 can be displayed in style. Preorders ship in January 2012.

 TOYS Portrait of Pirates One Piece Series Neo DX Admiral Akainu

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Sakazuki or Admiral Akainu is one of the three Marine Admirals who upholds justice with an iron fist. He's strict and expects his Marines to join him on his crusades without question when it comes to seeking justice. Akainu's role as an Admiral gives him the ability to manage an army of Marines and the right to call a military campaign known as a Buster Attack on an entire island. The Admiral is also cagey and capable of using subterfuge to get things to go his way. Akainu's special power is the Magu Magu no Mi which allows him to change parts of his body into magma.

   Megahouse brings Adrmiral Akainu home with a
260mm tall figure which is equipped with a flaming magma hands who look highly imposing. Akainu would be a hit at barbecues.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in January 2012 at US$119.90.

 TOYS Portrait of Pirates "Strong Edition" Nico Robin - Reissue

NCS Preorder Synopsis

«©NCSX» The One Piece Strong World movie opened across Japan last December and Megahouse has been busy crafting a number of Portrait of Pirates figures based on the crew of the Jolly Roger. In the new selection of toys, the Straw Hat Pirates are depicted in a more mature and serious manner. Luffy is no longer looks like the clown-prince of the high seas in his "Strong" rendition and Nami's "Strong Edition" makes her look like a sophisticated Vegas showgirl.

Megahouse reissues figures in their Strong Edition series which features Nico Robin. In her new persona, Nico Robin is entirely clad in black shiny leather and her figure is womanly with a protruding bosom. A hand-weapon is included with the toy along with a pair of glasses which may be fitted onto Nico's face.
Preorders ship in February 2012.