Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little Big Planet 4" Figure Series 1 - Preorder Aug 2009

From the Distributor: Reach into the magical world of LittleBigPlanet and bring SackBoy to life! Packed with interchangeable and customizable accessories, the only thing more fun than these figures is the game itself! The first assortment features SackBoy, Sky, and Marvin. All accessories are interchangeable, so you can mix and match between characters to create even more customized looks! Blister card packaging. The Wave 1 set of 3 individually packaged 4-inch tall action figures includes (subject to change):

» SackBoy (with baseball cap, alternate hands, and bendable pop-it lasso)
» Sky (with removable pigtails wig, dress, alternate hands, and lasso)
» Marvin (with afro wig, sunglasses, alternate hands, and lasso)

Chocolate Booty Babe Vinyl Figure - New JPN Import

From the Distributor
This long sold-out in resin, very popular original Booty Babe character has been brought back in vinyl as the first in a series of vinyl Booty Babes. Soft, rooted afro hair, soft goods top, Chocolate is designed by Spencer Davis.
Produced by Japan's Mamegyorai, the figure comes in beautiful, clear packaging with peak-a-boo window in back.

Preorders are shipping today at JPY6800 or US$60.90 from NCS. Chocolate is sculpted to 1/6 scale and measures 28cm or roughly 11" in height from frizzy 'fro to toe. Chocolate wears a pair of gold hoop earrings and a glittering neckband that's befitting of a Queen.

Static Arts Kingdom Hearts II Riku - New JPN Import

«©NCSX» Whereas the Static Arts Kingdom Hearts II sculpture of Sora was bright and chipper, Riku's Static Arts rendition is somber. Another descriptor might be "morose" but there's a reason for that. According to Kingdom Hearts lore, Riku was possessed by Xehanort's Heartless and summarily afflicted with Darkness in his heart. As such, Riku is generally a somber and morose kind of hero.

Square Enix ships a Riku statue which measures 30cm or 11.81" tall. Riku stands on top of a crag and wields a Keyblade called the

"Way to the Dawn" which was his weapon of choice in KHII. The sculpture shows the angel and demon wings around the blade's handle and a Heartless pendant may be seen swinging from the bottom of the weapon. Preorders are shipping today and restock is expected within 3 days.

Barack Obama 6" DIY Version Figure - Preorder Aug 2009

From the Distributor

Last year's hit Barack Obama 6-inch action figure serves as the basis for this foundation for creative politics. Decorate, sculpt, and shape your own version of the 44th President of the United States. Each figure comes with 8 points of articulation, ships in a window box, and is made from phthalate-free PVC.

Best of all: President Obama comes as a blank slate. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, a beginning customizer or the next Ron English, do your part for the economy and pick up this great DIY variant!

SIF EX Samurai Shodown Iroha PVC - Preorder Sept 2009

From the Distributor
Light and elegant as the bird from which she transformed, Yamato presents Iroha from Samurai Showdown in a dynamic, fully-painted 1/6 scale PVC statue, the next chapter in its popular Story! Image! Figure! EX collection. Sculpted by D-zou (diskvision), Iroha is delicately poised with weapons at the ready to fight in the service of her master's happiness. And now you can be the master of one of the most popular video game heroines with this lovely and unique interpretation of Iroha.

In Shops
: Sept 2009

Manufacturer: Yamato USA
Item Code: 693904347045
UPC: 693904347045
S.R.P.: $129.99

Pac-Man Hat - Restock Import, Shipping Today

«©NCSX» When faced with an emotionally disturbed individual on the streets of any bustling city, one may simply hustle across the street to bypass a potentially unpleasant encounter.

When faced with an emotionally disturbed individual (please direct your attention to the gentleman on the lower-left)... who just happens to be wearing a Pac-Man hat, one may be too mesmerized by the spectacle to do much. With your mouth agape and feet frozen by wonderment, the fates would have to excuse your momentarily loss of the flee instinct. However, NCS recommends the following actions:

1) Smile. If the individual has been enraged by some invisible slight prior to your timely engagement, your smile may placate its temperament.

2) Slowly move away. Put your back against a wall if possible. Any sudden movement may be seen as an insult/slight that's not so invisible.

3) Find a member of law enforcement and confirm with him or her that you're both seeing the same thing. At this point, the officer may mosey up to the Pac-Man-Hat-Wearer to affirm that everything is okay and that it's all just a little Halloween-ish delirium. In the middle of spring/summer...

Please note the description above is fiction. No allusions are being made to anyone who decides to purchase a Pac-Man Hat.
All backorders for the Pac-Man Hat are shipping today. Measuring a swarthy 12 x 12 x 8" in size, the hat is made of a plushy material and a retainer is located inside the inner "lips" of Pac-Man for stability and shape. The opening where one pokes his/her head through is stretchy to accommodate medium sized noggins as well as melon-like ones.

General Updates

NEWS Demon's Souls (Asian Version) Update
Another shipment of Demon's Souls is expected tomorrow and all backorders received up until May 5, 2009 at 12:01 PM will ship on Thursday. Orders received after the aforementioned time will ship towards the end of May when the seventh production of the game is released.
To avoid any confusion concerning the new inventory, please note that tomorrow's shipment is not from a new production of the game. One of our Hong Kong distributors had a customer who was not able to take their allocation of
Demon's Souls and they decided to shift/ship the inventory to us instead.

NEWS Golden Week Holiday Update
Japanese vendors will begin returning to work tomorrow after their week-long holiday. No new releases are scheduled for this week but NCS expects a restock shipment to arrive on Friday. If there are any holiday-induced flight delays, the restock will arrive on Monday.