Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 PS4 Exist Archive - Recent Import US$69.90

NCS Product Synopsis
    New orders are welcome for the PSV and PS4 versions of Tri-Ace's upcoming side-scrolling RPG titled "Exist-Archive: The Other Side of the Sky." All orders will ship with a bonus 44-page illustrations booklet featuring artwork by Mino Taro along with a soundtrack spanning 50 minutes composed by Motoi Sakuraba that is being given away in 100% ratio.

    Preorders have shipped last Friday and new orders are welcome.

 Product Specs

 Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
 Japanese Title: イグジストアーカイヴ
 Jan/UPC Code: 4940261512507 / PLJS-70034 | 4940261512514 / VLJS-05070
 Official website:
 Territory/Language: Japan

 PS4 Assault Suit Leynos - New Import US$58.90

Product Synopsis
   Relive the original Assault Suit Leynos from the Mega Drive with a remake which features a Classic Mode as well as an Arcade Mode for added value. Players take control of a limber mech which leaps, flies short distances, fires weaponry, and launches power-packed punches to take on an invasion of alien attackers. 

   Preorders for PS4 Assault Suit Leynos are shipping today but please note that new orders will ship next week because one of our shipments won't be released for delivery until next Monday-Tuesday.

 Product Specs
 Publisher: Dracue Software / extreme
 Japanese Product Name:
 Official website:

Jan Code: 4573159470018 / PLJM-80125
 Territory/Language: Japan