Monday, March 26, 2007

Import Preorder Updates

The main import schedule has been updated with the following new releases which are shipping in the coming months.
Nintendo DS
5/03 Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi Dorart
5/24 Osawari Tantei: Osawa Rina - Season 2 1/2 Success

Hoshigami AS Net

Puchi Puchi Virus Keys
5/31 New Zealand Story DS CyberFront

Simple DS Vol.14: The Jidoushakyoushuujo DS D3
Playstation 2
5/17 Odin Sphere Atlus
5/31 River Ride Adventure featuring Salomon Red

Sumomomomomo: Chijou Saikyou no Yome Marvelous

The Ochimusya - Dokakubu Samurai Toujou D3P
6/28 Juujimoto Ripputai Sypher: Game of Survival Abel

Shinseiki Evangelion: Battle Orchestra Broccoli

Shinseiki Evangelion: Battle Orchestra DX Pack Broccoli
5/17 Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Gensou Marvelous
6/21 Hajime no Ippo Revolution AQ Int.
Xbox 360
4/05 Culdcept Saga Updated Version Namco
6/14 Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume Namco

Raiden IV Type X Kit

Preorders are welcome for the fourth Raiden game which ships this summer. The operator kit consists of a hard drive containing the Raiden IV program code and a USB protection dongle. Both items are to be plugged into a Taito Type X hardware + cab. Next, throw up the snazzy header marquee and slap the side panel decals and you're ready to rock. Raiden IV's location test in Japan was nearly half a year ago but we're guessing fans of the series will nevertheless flock to the game. NCS will probably skip this one for our private collection - we can wait for the inevitable PS2/PS3 port. Preorders are welcome by email request to ship in mid June.

Star Wars: The Jumbo Darth Vader

NCS has always suspected that Darth Vader had a bit of a paunch and the upcoming Jumbo Darth Vader toy from Japanese manufacturer Hot Toys confirms our suspicions. The Dark Lord of the Sith appears to be enjoying extra servings of space chow at the Imperial cafeteria and maybe sneaking an extra dessert after every meal.
Measuring 25cm or 9.87" tall from helmet to toe, the chubby Darth Vader is shaped like a squat bowling pin and wields a red light saber. Since the design of the toy doesn't allow for arms, the light saber sort of juts out of a receptacle on the right side of Darth's belly. A plastic cape drapes realistically over Darth's back and the electronics on his chest plate are drawn in.

Preorders are welcome today to ship in mid-late June 2007. Please note that manufacturer shipping delays may cause delivery to be pushed back to July. Any shipment delays will be updated on our shop listing for this product. Pricing is set at JPY9500 or US$100 from NCS.

Super Mario Bros 150cm Figure

Nintendo is currently accepting orders for a large and very heavy Mario figure which measures 150cm or 59.05" tall. We've sold similar Mario statues in the past to stores and shops but never to normal retail customers. We're of the opinion that a retail store which places one of the most successful video game characters near its front doors can only invite fortune into the establishment. Mario will also attract curiosity seekers who'll enter the shop to marvel at its girth. Think of it as feng-shui for the gaming industry.
As an aside, all of the stores that we've sold these types of Mario figures to are still in business and successful. That's not to say that Mario will save a flagging business or a shop that's competing against a newly opened Gamestop or EBGames next door...

Preorders are welcome to ship in early April. The Mario statues are currently in stock from distributors in Japan but shipments will generally take 2 weeks to arrive. Retail pricing is set at JPY300,000 or US$3000 + shipping from NCS.

Super Mario Bros 50cm Figure

If a massive Mario isn't your cup of tea, Nintendo also peddles a smaller 50cm model where the world's most famous plumber smiles and welcomes visitors into an establishment. Measuring a smaller 50cm or 19.68" tall, the Mario standee is still very heavy and may be mounted on a stand or pedestal of some sort.

In Japan and Asia, many households and businesses place a Maneki Neko or Fortune Cat near the window or door to bring good luck and prosperity. The fortune cat lifts up a paw in salutation while the other paw holds a koban or gold coin close to its belly. We look at the Mario standee as the video game equivalent of Maneki Neko and it'll potentially bring good fortune into local arcades, video game shops, and amusement centers.

Preorders are welcome to ship in early April. The Mario figures are currently in stock from distributors in Japan but shipments will generally take 2 weeks to arrive. Retail pricing is set at JPY19,000 or US$200 + shipping from NCS.

Persona 3: Mitsuru Kirijo 1/7 scale Figure

In the Persona 3 video game, a brunette named Yukari Takeba and a redhead named Mitsuru Kirijo are the first two characters that the protagonist encounters. Yukari's an attractive girl but Mitsuru is in a whole other league by herself.

Kotobukiya apparently agrees and announces a 1/7 scale Mitsuru Kirijo fixed-pose figure where the fiery-maned demon slayer wields a sword while a white holster is wrapped below her waist. Inside the holster is a gun which may be swapped with the sword. The Mitsuru figure measures 21cm (8.26") tall and a circular base is included for mounting and display purposes. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2007.

Hello Kitty Ice Shaver

Winter's in the rear view mirror and soon it'll be summer. To combat the impending heat and humidity, Japanese manufacturer Eikoh has announced a Hello Kitty Ice Shaver which is powered by hand crank. Once you've shaved off some ice, douse it with a fruity flavor of some sort and a cold and delicious treat is created. Just like that.
While you won't be able to compete against the likes of Lemon Ice King of Corona, enterprising entrepreneurs may be able to make a few bucks with the HK Ice Shaver. Scenario: Set up a stand on a street corner and throw up a sign which reads, "HELLO KITTY FLAVORED ICE - 50 Cents" and have two ice shavers at the ready along with a helper. As the patrons line up, whirl the hand cranks to deposit freshly shaved ice onto paper bowls. Squirt lemon, cola, and cherry flavors (per the customer's request) on top of the ice and you're on your way to a building a little refreshment empire with tiny start up costs. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2007.

Import Outlook

PS2 Hokuto no Ken leads preorders by a wide margin this week but there are strong bids for PS2 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ as well. PS2 Taito Memories 2 Vol. 2 rounds out the top three.
NDS D.Gray-Man: Kami no Shitotachi Konami

Digimon Story Moonlight Namco

Digimon Story Sunburst Namco

My Melody Angel Book: Denshi Techou & Enjoy TDK

Puzzle Series: Odenkun 2 Hudson

Puzzle Series Vol. 13: Kanji Puzzle Hudson

Shakugan no Shana DS MWorks

Tamagotchi no Appare! Niji-Venture Namco
PS2 Gakuen Utopia - Manabi Straight! Marvelous

Gakuen Utopia - Manabi Straight! Limited Edition Marvelous

Hokuto no Ken Sega

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Square

Shin Bokujou Monogatari: Pure Innocent Life Marvelous

Taito Memories 2 Vol. 2 Taito

Vitamin X D3

Vitamin X Limited Edition D3

Zoids Infinity Fuzors [The Best] Tomy

Zoids Struggle [The Best] Tomy

Zoids Tactics [The Best] Tomy
PS3 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Koei
X360 Absolute Blazing Infinity IFactory
Wii Mezase!! Tsuri Master Hudson

USA Release Outlook

NDS Disney's Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista

Honeycomb Beat Konami

Konami Classic Series Arcade Hits Konami

Pogo Island EA

Purr Pals Crave
PS2 Disney's Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista

Made Man Aspyr Media

Medal of Honor Vanguard EA

Metal Slug Anthology SNK

Red Star JoaGames
PSP Virtua Tennis 3 Sega
PS3 Splinter Cell: Double Agent Ubisoft
X360 Dance Dance Revolution: Universe Konami

Disney's Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista
Wii Disney's Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista

Medal of Honor Vanguard EA