Thursday, November 24, 2022

TOYS S.H. Figuarts Chainsaw Man (New, 2023) Preorder $60.98/each

 Product Synopsis 

   "If you’re gonna kill me, just do it. I’m dead either way!"

   Denji in full chainsaw regalia from the highly popular TV anime "Chainsaw Man" joins the S.H.Figuarts action-figure lineup! He's insanely posable, with a particularly wide range of motion in the shoulder and hip joints to duplicate his unique fighting style; interchangeable hands and other accessories are included too. Order him for your own collection today! Accessories: Interchangeable hands (x2 pairs) Interchangeable lower jaw parts Interchangeable necktie parts.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late April 2023. 

Manufacturer: Bandai
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H15cm (5.90")
Japanese Title: 汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 正式実用型 新2号機α
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SALE Galaxian 3 (1993) Brand new but crack on front jewel case $50.98/each

 NCS Product Synopsis

 Sale Update: November 24, 2022
   Single copy sale. Jewel case has a crack on front as shown in the photo and video.
 NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: April 26, 1996
«©NCSX» Namco tries their hand at an on-rails shooter and creates a sweeping galactic action game with cinematic scope and flourish. An alien force is on the hunt and its up to four gunners to man their mounted laser cannons and shoot at everything that courses through the ether of space. In the arcade, Galaxian 3 allowed up to six players to shoot and dump bags of quarters into the machine. Since the Playstation multi-tap only has four slots, Namco had to adjust the player participation down to four gamers at a time.
    Two missions are included in Galaxian 3 as follows: Project Dragoon which uses broad polygon graphics to convey the action and The Rising of Gourb which is more sophisticated with cinematic flourish and orchestral music. Both missions play a game of "on rails" shooting where the player's ship flies on automatic pilot and all one is charged with is the targeting and shooting of flying enemy ships and massive mother ships. The game presents a dramatic and somewhat intimidating space opera/drama/epic where it feels like one is part of a grand scheme to rid the galaxy of an evil force.
    Excellent players with eagle-eyed shooting skills will help to reduce the amount of enemy fire that the ship takes but poor shooters will eventually suffer along with a damaged vessel that eventually succumbs to the rigors of enemy attacks.
    Four players may join in the fun, provided a multi-tap is present, but lonesome hawks may shoot with a computer-controlled gunner who offers support. Perform in stellar fashion and a better computer player becomes available as a sidekick.
    New options in the Playstation game include the option of varying the power of your gunner's laser fire, different difficulty levels, and the ability to save high scores to memory card.
 Product Specifications
Publisher: Namco
 Jan Code: 4907892010130
 Japanese Title: ギャラクシアン3
 Territory/Language: Japanese
    Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT.