Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 X360 DoDonPachi: SaiDaiouJou Limited Editions - Import Preorder (More Inventory)

NCS Product Synopsis  
   NCS is accepting additional reservations for a small batch of the DoDonPachi SaiDaiouJou Ultra Limited Edition of the game which includes an Arrange Soundtrack CD, an Arcade Original Soundtrack CD, a steelbook case, an 80-page illustrations booklet, and another bonus that will be announced later. Preorders are welcome to ship on May 30, 2013.

   The regular edition and the normal limited edition of DDP: SDJ are also available for preorder.

Product Specifications
Japanese Product Title:【限定版】 怒首領蜂 最大往生 (Limited Edition)
Japanese Product Title:【超限定版】 怒首領蜂 最大往生 (Ultra Limited Edition)
Publisher: Cave
Territory / Language: Japan