Friday, July 22, 2011

 PSP Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The ~2 minute cinematic intro for SBCH starts off with a thick stream of calligraphy ink that winds its way into the battlefield. There, the ink blends into the ground where it witnesses Warring States warriors wrangling with each other in wanton displays of wickedness. 
   Five Sengoku Basara games have been released thus far where players controlled generals and decimated the opposition in expansive theaters of conflict in old time Japan. The goal in Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes is fighting the opposition but instead of battling entire armies of enemy grunts, the game pits a duo of warriors against another duo in 3D combat.  Scenarios and backgrounds from the previous Sengoku Basara games are featured in Chronicle Heroes for retrospective reverie.
   At the outset of the game, players may select a war general from a roster of 32 fighters which include 4 new characters to the Sengoku Basara fold. The fighters attack with standard melee attacks but they can also pull off smashing combos and special attacks that wallop the opposition.

 PS3 No More Heroes Red Zone Edition - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Marvelous is revamping and re-releasing the original No More Heroes game which debuted on the Wii in 2007. The Playstation 3 rendition of the game features Playstation Move functionality so that players can shift their bodies in order to slash enemies and roam through the world of No More Heroes. The game will include five bosses who appeared in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle as well as 10 missions that were not in the Wii original. Additional new features include a Boss Battle mode and online ranking which allows players to compare scores and shoot for the leaderboard.

   The Playstation 3 Red Zone Edition is rated "Z" which denotes uncensored adult content that isn't suitable for minors. 
If a preorder bonus is announced, we'll update the product description accordingly.

 Wii Inazuma Eleven Strikers - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The opening cinema for IES shows the cast of characters running and being totally chipper while a similarly chipper song accompanies the visuals. There's a lot of pointing towards the sky in the cinema which signifies where their respective teams are headed. Sort of. Endo Mamoru and Shuya Goenji are back to lead their soccer team in a new Wii release of Inazuma Eleven Strikers. The game was originally slated for released in April of 2011 but Level 5 decided to postpone the ship date to buff up the soccer action. Unlike its Nintendo DS predecessors, the Wii Inazuma Eleven game is a pure soccer action game without any of the strategic considerations found in the portable handheld versions. Up to four players can cooperate in the game to pummel the soccer ball and score goals like a coordinated gang.
   The game features a cast of over 150 characters from the Inazuma Eleven franchise and action-packed fight scenes during the game add an extra dimension of excitement to the kicking antics. In addition to standard moves and feints, special finishing moves may be enacted to score or overpower the opposing team. The roster of player affects each team's parameter in terms of offensive, defensive, and balanced strategies that may be effected during the course of a soccer challenge.

 PS3 White Knight Chronicles II (The Best) - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» One year after the events in the first White Knight Chronicles, the lad named Leonard is still alive and preoccupied with a new adventure that lures him and his allies to brave new lands. The duchy of Foria supplies two new members to Leonard's party - a young girl named Miu whose grandfather was Duke and a military commander named Scardyne who protects Miu from danger. The sequel introduces a fifth Knight named "Lunar Princess" who carries a bow for projectile attacks. All reservations will include a bonus DLC card which allows gamers to download special equipment for use in the adventure.
    The new Shirokishi Monogatari Blu-Ray disc includes the original Shirokishi Monogatari game which has been revamped with WKC2's game systems as a bonus. Please note that a Japanese Playstation Network account is required in order to login to the Geonet community where players post messages, join cooperative quests, and read game logs. Save data from the original Japanese WKC game may be used in WKC2.