Friday, July 25, 2008

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - New Import, First Batch Arrival

An initial shipment of AQ Interactive's highly anticipated KORG DS-10 Synthesizer software for the Nintendo DS arrived today and preorders will begin shipping this afternoon. Please note that the remainder of our shipments are expected to arrive next week.

Due to the special arrangements required to import this product from Japan, we had to stagger our shipments in batches. We expect to fill all remaining preorders that have already been submitted by our customers by next Wednesday or Thursday. New orders that are submitted today should be processed by August 11, 2008 when our third batch is imported from Japan. Pricing is set at US$62.90 per copy.
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Quick Impressions
» The software is entirely in English. There's not even a lil' bit of Japanese anywhere.

» The main menu features the following selections:
• Single Play - Start a session and begin producing
• Multi Play - Choose Master or Slave device for the NDS and link up
• Data Exchange - Upload or download data wirelessly
• Options - Set screen brightness and button configuration. May also view production credits.

» The default set-up shows the synthesizer commands on the top screen while a keyboard is shown on the touch screen. You may swap screens at any time by tapping on the double-arrow icon located on the upper-right corner of the touch screen.

Smile Slime Stylus- New Import, Restock Soon

When the Nintendo DS was first released and became a worldwide phenomenon, manufacturers flooded the market with touch pen replacements. At one point, NCS juggled preorder offers for 20-30 different ones each month. We stocked some but ignored the rest.

Square Enix is a little late to the party but they've released a NDS Lite touch pen that sports the jolly visage of a Blue or Orange Slime. The stylus is styled sleek so that it pops into the touch pen receptacle on the right side of the Nintendo DS Lite handheld unit.
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Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1025 - New Import, Subscriptions

Cover Date: August 8, 2008 / Cover: Jikkyou Powerful Pro Mascot

«©NCSX» The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and/or events:

» PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Mission Guide (64 pages).
» Continuing coverage for Dragon Quest V, Siren NT, and Powerful Pro 15.
» E3 2008 Coverage with keynotes, game coverage, and tidbits.
» PSP Idolmaster SP preview and profiles of the voice actresses featured in the upcoming game.
» NDS Windy X Windam gets a poor review (4/6/4/4) while Soul Calibur IV gets a great one (9/9/9/8) for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
» Preview of Bionic Commando for the PS3 and X360.

NCS is accepting orders for yearly subscriptions to Famitsu only. Additional details may be found on our order link. Jan Code: 4910264520885

Infinite Loop: Furushiro ga Miseta Yume - New, In Stock

The King is dead. Long live the King. That's the general idea when it comes to the line of royal succession. However, the kingdom of Reisberg is under siege by an evil specter. After the King dies from a mysterious affliction, the 18-year old Prince William succumbs to the very same cause. Generally when the hero of a game dies, it's literally game over but Bill won't call it quits. Even though he's a ghost, William can still be a protagonist who listens in on conversations in the castle, gleans clues, and affects the course of events. By being a helpful and inquisitive spirit, the Prince endeavors to put an end to the contagion that killed him and his father so that it can't harm any more of the kingdom's subjects.

Infinite Loop is a Japanese interactive novel which requires reading and the occasional choice that affects the course of the adventure. A wide range of cast members including an orange-haired chamber maid named Isha, William's sister Vanessa, a straight-laced knight, Tatiana the wizened fortune teller, and a sinister Baron may be encountered in the game. All of the characters speak with crisp voices that were provided by actors.

All preorders and new orders for PSP Infinite Loop will include a bonus 48-page "Infinite Loop Rarebook" which contains character artwork, full color illustrations featuring the women from the game, a manga, two short stories, and sketches. A second bonus in the form of a Radio Drama CD is attached to the back page of the booklet.
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Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd - New, Restock Mon

In the Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter game, Estelle Bright went in search of answers regarding her adopted brother, Joshua Bright and found them for the most part. Six months after the events in Kiseki SC, two new heroes take the helm in their own adventure that's considered a side story or gaiden to the canonical Sora no Kiseki series.

The male lead is
a spiky green-haired priest named Kevin Graham and the female protagoinist is a ginger named Ries Argent who wears an outfit that's evocative of the nunnery. Similar to the mechanics in Second Chapter, players take command of a party of adventurers who use weapons, arts, crafts, and s-crafts to defeat their adversaries. Party moves and attacks are selected from a menu. Magic blasts are visually spectacular with colorful fireworks that light up the screen. When a battle begins, the party is arrayed on a grid-laced map against another party or a boss such as Astarte or Cassius Bright. That's right, Estelle's father appear in the game along with other familiar faces such as Wiseman, Levy, and Estelle herself. Joshua also makes an appearance.

Doorways in the game lead to mini-games, data snippets, and background information. A Japanese quiz may be found behind the fifth door in the Chamber of the Sun which will reward the player with nifty bonuses if answered correctly.

Siren: New Translation - New Import, Restock on Monday

The Asian version of Siren: New Translation features the following import-friendly options:

Voice: Japanese or English
Subtitle: Japanese or English

An English operation sheet is also included inside the game package which lists the controls and Dual Shock button commands.

NCS received the Asian version of Siren: New Translation yesterday but we're sold out. We expect another batch on Monday and backorders will ship once the game is restocked. As usual, all Playstation 3 software is region-free and Asian games will work on European and North American Playstation 3 consoles without restriction.
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Soul Calibur IV - New Import, Restock on Monday

From the Publisher
Take control of an expanded roster of warriors from around the galaxy in their unrelenting search for the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur swords. Soulcalibur IV will also play host to a bevy of special characters including legendary STAR WARS icons Master Yoda for the Xbox 360, Darth Vader for the PLAYSTATION 3 system, and appearing on both platforms, Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice from LucasArt's hotly anticipated STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed. Adding to the mythos, Soulcalibur IV will also include a number of special characters designed by famous Japanese manga artists and character designers.

Retooled from the ground up, Soulcalibur IV perfects its highly celebrated weapons-based fighting system with stunning high definition graphics and new gameplay mechanics. Adding to the depth of combat, players can now destroy protective armor; weakening their enemy's resolve and unleash Critical Finish moves to defeat opponents in one final blow.

Wangan Midnight [The Best] - New Import, Restock Mon

Fans of Initial D may also be aware of a similar street racing serial which has enjoyed similar success in the video game market as well as the worlds of animation and manga. Wangan Midnight follows the story of street racers who test their mettle on the Tokyo Shuto Expressway. Contrary to the twisting mountain roads found in the Initial D games which are perfect for drifting, the roads in Wangan Midnight are generally straight stretches that can accommodate a lot of traffic. The main character is a lad named Akio Asakura who finds a Fairlady S30Z in a junkyard and uses it to become a racing legend.

The PS3 release of Wangan Midnight is a conversion of the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade game that was originally released in 2004. Players race on 1080p powered courses that look stunning as they blow past at high relative speed. Genki adds a new "Maximum Speed" mode where players race against a rival on a selected course.