Friday, October 09, 2015

 TOYS Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Imaging Rubber Collection - Import Preorder $38.90

Product Synopsis
The merchandising train of Metal Gear Solid V goods continues with a set of six "Imaging Rubber Straps" which feature the following:

» Venom Snake
» Cardboard Box
» Diamond Dogs logo
Metal Gear Sahelanthropus
» Skull Face
» XOF emblem

   Each factory box of rubber straps contains all six shown below. Preorders are welcome to ship in February 2016.

Product Spec
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Dimension: Diameter 8cm (3.14")
Material: PVC
Japanese Title: メガハウス イメージングラバーコレクション メタルギア ソリッド V ファントムペイン
Jan Code: 4535123819902
Region/Language: Japan

 TOYS Nendoroid The Joker Villain's Edition - Import Preorder $39.90

Product Synopsis
You… you complete me.
From the popular DC Comics film 'The Dark Knight' comes a Nendoroid of the Joker based on the highly acclaimed version of Joker played by Heath Ledger. He is also the first ever villain from a live action film to join the Nendoroid world!

    His eccentric yet twisted face paint has been carefully shrunk down into Nendoroid size, and he comes with both a glaring expression and a twisted smiling expression that certainly can't be compared to any previous Nendoroid smiles! The back, left and right sides of his trademark purple coat are all movable allowing you to easily pose anything from his signature standing poses to casually cracking a joke. Optional parts include a knife, stacks of money and a joker playing card, allowing you to recreate various different situations as well!

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late February 2016.

 Product Spec
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
 Dimension: H10cm (3.93")
 Material: PVC/ABS
 Japanese Title: バンダイ S.H.Figuarts キャプテン・ファズマ
 Jan Code: 4580416900645
 Region/Language: Japan

 TOYS Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts -Kai- Odin Action Figure - Import Sale $359.90 each

From the Publisher
   Imported from Japan! Square Enix's Play Arts -Kai- figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet. Based on Final Fantasy XIII, the highly-anticipated role-playing game coming to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in Spring 2010, this deluxe action figure recreates the Odin summons from the new game. The chief Norse god, Odin transforms from a human-like god into an impressive horse that can be summoned by Lightning, the game's primary character. 

Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. 

Product Features

  • Transformable Odin figure based on Lightning's Eidolon!
  • From the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII video game.
  • Action figure features extreme detail and articulation.
  • Can be ridden by the Lightning Action Figure (Lightning Figure is sold separately)

 DC Trigger Heart Exelica Limited Edition - Import Sale $80.90 each, Ships in 2-3 days

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: February 21, 2007

NCS started preorders for the Naomi version of Trigger Heart Exelica in early 2006 and found exactly three international players willing to pay US$1750 for the disc and dongle. Those orders were fulfilled in late May 2006. Fast forward to the beginning of 2007 and Warashi recoups some more of their Trigger Heart development costs by way of the defunct (?) Dreamcast. With a relatively small print run for both versions of THE, NCS expects a short retail lifespan since some suppliers in Japan have already sold out of their stock allocation. 
   The two versions of Exelica are packaged in DVD cases similar to Under Defeat and the insert is different for each  version. In the artwork for both covers, Exelica takes the foreground while Cruel Tear hovers in the background with a casual pose.

   The protagonists in Exelica are two heavily armored maidens named Cruel Tear (pink hair and purple eyes) and Exelica (purple hair and blue eyes) who wing their way through metallic levels while weaving a swath of destruction. Despite their heavy armor and weaponry, both girls still manage to reveal a lot of leg.

   Play mechanics at first glom appear routine where the gals blast away at their foes with standard vulcan shots and flit through mazes of enemy shots. That's not all however. Warashi adds the "Anchor Shot" to the game system where either Cruel Tear or Exelica may lash out a hook and tether an enemy ship. Once captured, the enemy vehicle may be launched like a projectile at other enemies for added scoring. An enemy ship may also be hooked and then used as a barrier against enemy shots. It's a new shmup wrinkle to explore and revel in. Warashi touts the V.B.A.S. (Variable Boss Attack System) where end-level gargantuans change their attack patterns based on the skill of the player.

  New to the Dreamcast version of Exelica is a Story Mode, an Arrange Mode, and in-game voice samples which add to the atmosphere and excitement of the action.
- Trigger Heart Exelica Limited Edition (+OST and Booklet)

   Orders ship in 2-3 business days.
Jan Code: 4516365001010