Tuesday, October 12, 2021

TOYS Figure Complex Movie Revo No.013 Mickey Mouse (1936)(2021) Preorder $78.98/each

 Product Synopsis

   Mickey Mouse, who is loved all over the world, becomes a movie Revo figure! 1936 classic rendition that is fun and movable! The animated movie star [Mickey Mouse], who has been loved for over 90 years since his screen debut in 1928, is now available on Movie Revo!

   At Movie Revo, we have selected the 1936-style classical and basic Mickey Mouse from the 1930s, which is the transition period from monochrome movies to color movies. Slender and thin limbs use movable joints at the base, and 5 types of common parts that can be used for replacement arms and legs with different angles are available as optional parts so that the bending and stretching of the elbows and knees can be reproduced naturally.

   The chubby, rounded lower body and thin tail have been carefully modeled so as not to destroy the attractiveness created by the soft outline while incorporating movement. The cute expression that fascinates everyone can be replaced with an optional face by removing the front half of the face. In addition to the basic smile with a wide open mouth, [HaHaHa!], A smile with a closed mouth, a [thinking face] with a pursed mouth, and a [surprised face] with a wide open mouth, [a troubled face] Includes 4 types of facial parts.

   In addition, 3 types of onomatopoeia effect sheets are included, making it possible to create more animation-like effects! Please enjoy the action figure Mickey Mouse, which will entertain you with various poses and facial expressions.

[Optional parts]
・ Optional face x 4
・ Optional hand x 8
・ Arm / foot common parts x 5
・ Onomatopoeia effect sheet x 3
・ General-purpose pedestal x 1
・ Clip parts x 1
・ Clip arm parts x 1
・ Clip arm parts x 1

-- Overall height: Approximately 105mm (excluding ears)
-- Movable parts: 22 places in total
-- Prototype production: Eiichiro Matsumoto

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2022. 

Product Specs
Publisher: Kaiyodo / Ken Elephant
Dimension: H10.5cm (4.13") Non-Scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Japan title: フィギュアコンプレックス ムービーリボ SERIES No.013 ミッキーマウス (1936)
Jan Code: 4537807131126
Territory/Language: Japan