Thursday, March 04, 2010

NDS Keroro RPG Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku - New

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Keroro and company have appeared in numerous mini-game collections and action games but they've never had a chance to prove their mettle in the RPG realm. That is, until now. In Bandai's Keroro Gunso Knights, Warrior, and the Legendary Pirate, Keroro finds a strange contraption which takes him into a brave new world where he adopts various personas to accomplish his goals. The battle system in the game is based on the Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS) from the Tales series which features 2D fighting action.

Early preorders will ship with a bonus Keroro Gunsou clear file folder which is being given away by the publisher in 50% ratio.

PSP Armored Core Last Raven Portable - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» After years of gun 'n run skirmishes and all-out warfare, the houses of Crest, Kisaragi, and Mirage have all merged under one corporate banner. Call it the ultimate takeover of the largest companies on the planet. They're all now known as Alliance - with a capital A serving as their new company logo. With Alliance troops and a league of Raven mercenaries employed by Alliance securing their control of a ruined world, a new corps of Raven mercenaries called Vertex bites back. Led by Jack-O, the rebels band together to challenge the new powers that be and a new war ignites. On the side of Alliance, Evangel leads the corporate goons against the forces of Vertex. In the middle of the conflict is a Raven known as Zinaida and rogue Ravens who have splintered off after the demise of Raven's Ark.

Armored Core Last Raven Portable is a PSP conversion of a PS2 game that originally debuted in 2005. New to the PSP update is an ad hoc communication mode which allows up to four challengers to shoot it out and new mechs and parts to use in the Garage. The Garage is where Ravens are outfitted and upgraded for improved battlefield performance. It's also the place to repair damaged Ravens returning from a fight.

Early preorders will ship with a bonus AC Chronicle Art Works book filled with Raven CG which is being given away by the publisher in 50% ratio. This means that we received 1 bonus book for every 2 copies of the game that we imported. Bonuses will be given away to early preorders.

NDS Dragon Quest IV Ultimate Hits - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» When monsters kidnap children in the land of Batlando, the king summons soldiers to the castle and charges them with the rescue of the hapless tykes. In the first chapter, players take control of a soldier named Ryan, a princess known as Otenba Oujo (Tomboy Princess) in the second chapter, and three more heroes in the next couple of chapters. The final chapter features the entire team working together towards the common goal of defeating an evil king who's about to be resurrected.

The NDS remake of Dragon Quest IV updates the 8-bit Famicom original with Dragon Quest VII elements such as a polygonal world map, a 360° capable camera, animated monsters, a Monster Notebook, the Party Talk system, and improved visuals.

NDS Dragon Quest V Ultimate Hits - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Enix originally released Dragon Quest V for the Super Famicom in 1992 and followed up with a Playstation 2 remake in 2003 which was priced at a healthy JPY7800. Fast forward five years and Square Enix re-releases the game once again on the Nintendo DS. Square's strategy of rehashing their library of games may be good business acumen since developing new franchises is hard work and potentially unprofitable. The company shows it's resolve at re-releasing once again this week.

Dragon Quest V tells the story of the royal Papas family across the span of three generations. The NDS conversion is based on the PS2 remake and features a 3D game world, more monsters to recruit into your party, and the possibility to travel with four party members instead of three.

NDS Dragon Quest IX Ultimate Hits - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Dragon Quest IX marks the first time that a canonical game in the legendary series has debuted on a portable gaming system. This tells us that the Nintendo DS has reached such a massive user base that it's the only viable platform upon which Square can release a game that will has surpassed a million units sold. That's no small feat in the current global climate of fear and reckoning.

The gameplay in Dragon Quest IX puts an emphasis on collaborative gaming where multiple players join up to go on a quest. At the outset of the adventure, gamers design a unique hero by selecting the hair, eyes, body style, and skin tone. After giving the hero a name, the action starts with a dialogue between the protagonist and a bald headed angel. The first battle pits the party against two blue Slimes and an oversized pickle.

NDS Final Fantasy IV Ultimate Hits - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis - Original Update: December 20, 2007
«©NCSX» Sixteen years after Final Fantasy regaled gamers with its tale of tragic heroes and woe, Square reinvents and remakes the adventure with bold orchestral music, beautifully rendered cut scenes, and the "Active Time Battle" system. The game is eye candy from the get-go where a rendered sequence shows Cecil Harvey and a contingent of Red Wings aboard an airship and headed home. They've just stolen a crystal...

Final Fantasy IV DS features voice acting, urgent music, and animated monsters that attack. The game has been revamped with a major cosmetic overhaul but the basic storyline and game script remains the same as the Super Famicom original from 1991.