Friday, July 20, 2007

Import Schedule Updated

Nintendo DS
9/13 Mahjong Haoh DS Dankyuu Battle NCS
9/20 Fun Kindergarten! I Play with a Word Compile
9/27 Bartender DS EA

Jigoku Shoujo Akekazura Compile
Playstation 2
9/06 Will O Wisp IFactory

Will O Wisp Limited Edition IFactory
9/20 Kiniro no Corda 2 Anchor Koei
9/27 Generations of Chaos Desire IFactory

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition o/t Illuminus Sega
10/25 Baldr Bullet Equilibrium Alchemist

Baldr Bullet Equilibrium Limited Edition Alchemist
Playstation 3
9/13 Megazone 23 Aoi Garland Compile

Megazone 23 Aoi Garland Limited Edition Compile
9/27 Agarest Senki Compile
Playstation Portable
9/13 Fate/Tiger Colosseum Capcom
Xbox 360
9/13 Musou Orochi Koei
9/27 Halo 3 First Print Limited Edition Microsoft

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 [The Best

Ultraman pounds out the hurt once again in Banpresto's third Playstation 2 take on the popular action hero from Japanese pop culture. Baltan and all the usual oddly apportioned enemy creatures are in force where gargantuan fighters battle in all-out rough 'n tumble bouts. The controls seem identical to the previous Fighting Evolutions and the visual feast looks to be at the same level as before with polished scenery and cityscapes to fight within. Special moves and attacks have been redone however and look spiffy. The opening movie to the game shows off a row of Ultramen pitted against a similarly long line of monsters.

Playable characters include new inductees such as Ultraman 80, Ultraman Cosmos to the Ultraman Corps and Red King (finally makes it to the Fighting Evolution series) and the usual suspects such as Bemstar, Baltan-seijin, the robotic King Joe, Gomorra, Dada, and other home wrecking wretches. Upon starting the game, a number of modes are listed including Ultra Mode (story mode), Versus Mode, Tag Mode, Tutorial Mode, View Mode, and Custom Mode. Ten different Ultraman are playable in the game along with twenty-four fearsome foes.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth [The Best]

Megalithic monsters are on the rampage against the Japanese populace and only a spandex suited superman can beat back the cavalcade of aggression. His name is Ultraman and he's been defending planet Earth since the mid 1960s. In the Ultra Mode of the Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth game, the first adversary that Ultraman contends with is a pock-marked monster called Bulltron which rolls into town like an oversized boulder. Bulltron uses electromagnetic power to defend itself and hurl detritus at Ultraman but in the end, it's just another statistic in Ultraman's long list of conquered behemoths. A bevy of opponents may be fought in the game including Gomora, Eleking, Kyrieloid, Waroga, Alien Baltan, Tyrant, and many more.

Similar to the tried and true formula of past Ultraman games, players tackle enemy monsters in one-on-one bouts where regular physical blows are mixed with thundering special attacks that do double or triple damage. Along with the standard Ultraman hero that's playable in Ultra Mode, the other heroes featured in the game include Ultra Seven, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Gaia, and Ultraman Cosmos.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 [The Best]

Ultraman has been in existence in one form or another since 1966. That's four decades of spandex-wearing super heroics from a helmeted warrior who made strange arm gestures and battled rampaging monsters. Ultraman made his debut in Urutora Sakusen Dai-Ichi-Goh which was released on July 17, 1966. From those early years to the current day, various Ultramen have taken up the torch to carry the franchise to new and exciting adventures. Later this year, the new movie Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers makes its theatrical debut on September 16 in Japan.

Paying homage to Ultraman's history as well as the upcoming movie, Ultraman Fighting Evolution Zero features eight Ultramen forms including the original Urutora, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Leo, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Mebius, etc. The heroes face off against an assortment of creatures such as Eleking, Baltan, Black King, Knuckle-seijin, Bakishimu, and Hipporito-seijin. The action takes place on pseudo 3D battlefields and follows the rudimentary formula of the PS2 Ultraman Fighting Evolution games where two fighters face each other and attack, grapple, and blast away with special skills. A new system in the PSP version is the Clock Link System where the scenery changes depending on the time of day and affects the fighting capabilities of the combatants. For gamers who enjoy a little gallery with their action, an Ultra Reference Guide is included which features the profiles and images of 50 characters.