Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 X360 Akai Katana Shin - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Cave originally released Akai Katana Shin in Japanese arcades back in August 2010 and the publisher shuttles the game over to the Xbox 360 for the home audience. Akai Katana is a side scrolling shooter where copious amounts of buckshot are present on the screen at any one time. The player's prerogative is to twitch through mazes of laser fire while returning counterfire to dispatch enemy ships. The end of each level is guarded by a boss who's more formidable than the minions that attacked before him.

New features in the Xbox 360 home conversion include one new stage featuring a spanking new boss named Nazuna Ayase, a 16:9 aspect ratio screen option, and upgraded visuals. Please note that the first printing of the game ( Regular and Limited) is packaged with a DLC code for appending brand new voices to the game.

Japanese Product Name: 赤い刀 真
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Xbox 360 games will not boot on USA or European Xbox 360 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese X360 game discs.

 PSP Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos - Best - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A bevy of lovelies from the Queens Blade works gather together not to pose and preen but to engage in an action-adventure of epic proportions. Literally. Queens Blade is built on the Super Robot Wars game engine where the player's party goes from mission to mission and battles opposing forces on tactical grids. When an attack is ignited, the attacker is shown in a fluid animated sequence where she swings a sword and damages her enemy. Visions of undulating bosoms are a common theme throughout the tactical sequences where the girls' "girls" move with compelling bouncing energy. During the attack sequences between warriors, split-second glimpses of exposed thighs and legs are also displayed. The characters featured in Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos:

» Leina - A wandering blonde warrior maiden (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)
» Tomoe - Shinto shrine maiden who resembles Koyori (CV: Mamiko Noto)
» Risty - Ginger-haired bandit inspired by Red Sonja (CV: Yuko Kaida)
» Nanael - Angelic blue-haired girl with a pair of wings (CV: Aya Hirano)
» Melona - Pink-haired changeling who spits acid from an unusual place
» Irma - Lithe and athletic assassin with a healthy tan (CV: Yui Kano)
» Nowa - Wild-eyed protector of nature (CV: Mikako Takahashi)

... and many more for a total of 19 characters. The protagonist is a girl named "Cute" who travels with a manservant named Jan. Similar to the SRW games, the story diverges into different routes depending on choices made during the game and the outcome of battles.

 NEWS General Updates

Espgaluda 2 Black Label - Platinum (Restock)

   All backorders for X360 Espgaluda 2 Platinum Hits will ship this afternoon. The game remains region-free and playable on North American as well as European Xbox 360 consoles.

Akai Katana Shin - Early Arrival
   Due to an early shipment of X360 Akai Katana Shin, most preorders for the regular and limited editions of the game are shipping today. Any remaining preorders will be processed and shipped tomorrow when our normal shipments of the game arrive. If you chose UPS overnight delivery for your preorder, please look out for the game tomorrow. Tracking numbers will be updated before 6PM EST today.

Playstation Network Tickets
   With the PSN back in business, we've restocked another batch of the Japanese Playstation Network tickets in denominations of JPY3000 and JPY5000. New orders placed today will be processed and fulfilled by way of emailed image attachment. If you don't see the ticket, please check your Junk Email folder in case it was forwarded there by your email program.